Troy Glaus?!?

I know DL likes to aim high (and then cave at the last minute), but this is ridiculous.

The Pirates, in preliminary talks with Toronto regarding shortstop Jack Wilson, inquired about the Blue Jays' power-hitting third baseman, Troy Glaus, according to two sources intimately familiar with the matter.

Yes, the same Troy Glaus who is due $12.75 million next year -- plus an $11.25 million player option for 2009 -- and has a universal no-trade clause that was included in his contract largely because of his long-standing wish to play on the West Coast.

The Pirates' inquiry was rejected, one of those sources said. P-G.

The article didn't mention whether the source in question was able to overcome his convulsive attack of the giggles.

This just defies description. How can DL possibly think that they'd agree to that deal? Was he trying to insult them badly enough that they wouldn't talk to him again? He can't actually believe that Wilson and Glaus are of equivalent value, can he? The mind reels.

The article also includes a few other trade nuggets. Boston is shopping Wily Mo Pena pretty aggressively, and might be looking to deal him for one of our relievers. Torres is a nice guy, but I'd probably take that deal. Pena has tremendous upside, even if he's struggling right now, and veteran relievers are one of the few things that a bad team like us can consistently attract in free agency.

Dejan also says that the Mets have no real interest in Castillo even though Jose Valentin broke his leg, which can't really come as a surprise to anybody (except maybe DL). Castillo's making $1.9M this year, and he'd probably be a significant downgrade on Ruben Gotay. Why would the Mets trade something of value for the opportunity to hurt their lineup while adding payroll? Does not compute.

Meanwhile, multiple sources are hinting that the team would be willing to move Ian Snell for the right package. It's getting play in the Trib and BPro, among other places. Matt Kemp and Jarrod Saltalamacchia are mentioned as guys who might come back the other way. Personally, I think trading Snell would be a terrible mistake, but nobody asked me.

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