SB Nation Manager of the Year: Jim Tracy?

Here are SB Nation's Manager of the Year results for the NL:

Rk Manager Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
1 Jim Tracy Colorado Rockies 24 1 2 125
2 Tony LaRussa St. Louis Cardinals 3 7 10 46
3 Fredi Gonzalez Florida Marlins 2 6 5 33
4 Joe Torre Los Angeles Dodgers - 9 2 29
5 Charlie Manuel Philadelphia Phillies - 3 5 14
6 Bruce Bochy San Francisco Giants 1 1 1 9
7 Bobby Cox Atlanta Braves - 1 4 7
8 Bud Black San Diego Padres - 1 1 4
9 John Russell Pittsburgh Pirates - 1 - 3


There were, it appears, 30 total ballots cast; 27 of those ranked Jim Tracy in the top three. I was one of the three holdouts (and I believe that Vlad, who I put in charge of Bucs Dugout's other ballot, was one of the others). I find Manager of the Year balloting to be a pretty silly exercise, and the choice of Tracy illustrates why. Tracy is not an intelligent man; he exhibits no great tactical expertise; his players in Pittsburgh didn't seem to like him much; he's weirdly obsessed with the 2004 Dodgers; he blames his players for everything; he all but declared war on his boss, GM Paul DePodesta, when he was with Los Angeles. I see no evidence that he's a good manager--except that he took the helm just as the Rockies got hot this year. You can chalk that up to brilliant managing if you want, but brilliant managing seems well beyond a small, stupid man like Jim Tracy. I didn't vote for him this year, and I probably never will. Fredi Gonzalez was at the top of my ballot.

I have no idea who put John Russell second. It wasn't me.

Here are the American League results (for which NL bloggers didn't vote):

Rk Manager Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
1 Mike Scioscia Los Angeles Angels 9 8 3 72
2 Ron Gardenhire Minnesota Twins 9 5 1 61
3 Don Wakamatsu Seattle Mariners 6 3 8 47
4 Joe Girardi New York Yankees 2 4 2 24
5 Ron Washington Texas Rangers 1 4 4 21
6 Terry Francona Boston Red Sox 1 1 3 11
7 Jim Leyland Detroit Tigers - 2 4 10
8 Joe Maddon Tampa Bay Rays - 1 1 4
9 Ozzie Guillen Chicago White Sox - - 1 1
10 Trey Hillman Kansas City Royals - - 1 1
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