Ian Snell: History's greatest monster?


Dejan attempts to address this weighty question in his latest Q&A :

His attitude is not at all what it is portrayed to be by so many people who write to me. You are correct about a lack of taking responsibility -- again last night, he blamed the home plate umpire for his early labors -- but there is no sign that I can see of anybody else being terribly turned off by it, certainly not to the point of distraction.

I often write that intangibles are overrated, usually referring to leadership. But the same applies the other way. All successful teams -- and you can go through Pirates history for plenty of evidence -- have players who are quirky, out of bounds, irritating, even downright infuriating, but they learn to deal with them. Snell is nothing close to any of those extremes. He is a kid, a big kid, but a good, big kid. And he has a very good arm.

What he needs to figure out is how to be more efficient, more aggressive early in the game. If that happens, I strongly suspect no one will mind much what he says afterward.

There are a lot of cool things about being a fan in the modern era. One of the coolest of those things is the instant access to information about virtually any aspect of a player's life, no matter how trivial. How did he pitch last night? Fire up MLB-TV. Does he have tattoos? There's a picture on Flickr. Does he like dogs, or punk bands, or 19th-century firearms? Somewhere out there is a blog interview with an answer. Does he go out drinking and chase skirts? Deadspin to the rescue!

The downside to this flood of information is that it creates a false sense of intimacy between you and the players you follow. You absorb all these facts, but the flow is only in one direction, and it's biased and incomplete in ways you're fundamentally incapable of understanding. It's easy to "know" that Ian Snell is a whiny prima donna without ever actually having any real connection to the man or any dealings with him.

I know this is kind of a crazy idea, but maybe we should leave the psychoanalysis to the professionals, and spend the time we save watching some baseball instead?

[Image by "Bouette ", released under GFDL .]

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