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I have to admit that when he was struggling in Spring Training I was one of the people who wanted Nyjer Morgan nowhere near the Bucco's lineup.  Please forgive me, Nyjer.  I was ignorant.  Nyjer has since become my second favorite Pirate (behind Nate McLouth).  Morgan is easily the team's most entertaining player on and off the field and if he gets traded or loses time to McCutchen I will miss him dearly.  Nyjer's uniform is almost always filthy by the end of the first inning and while he doesn't walk or hit for power, he's hitting .300 in a Pirates uniform which is quite an accomplishment in this orginization. While he runs the bases with efficiency (or lack thereof) that would make Germans weep, he is undoubtedly awesome.  If he ever figures out how to time moves and not overslide, it will be amazing.

Charlie can be credited for naming his exciting quality...Sparkpluginess.  He's like a human SkyBlast.   When asked who was the funniest Pirate in Spring Training Nate answered "I would have to say Nyjer Morgan, if anyone.  It's not exactly Comedy Central in here."  Not exactly a ringing endorsement but I'll take it.  Last night's phenomenal helmet spike and ejection reminded me just how much more entertaining Pirates games are with him in the lineup.

Some of my favorite Nyjer quotes and moments.  If you have any others, or pictures, please post.

- He refers to left field and the stands around it as "Morgantown"

- In Wrigley when the fans chant, he waves his arms like he's conducting an orchestra.

-I cannot remember what game I saw it in, but he occasionally celebrates a great play by picking up one leg and resting his arm on it a la "Captain Morgan"

-Regarding the defensive alignment:

"I love it," Morgan said. "More room for me to run, and I love to run, man."

Informed of his ultimate zone rating, Morgan first needed an explanation, then replied, "That's cool. I just want to catch the ball."

-Regarding his injury:

"This is the first time I've really opened up and said something when there was really minor pain in there," said Morgan, ever the hockey player. "So I kind of feel like a sissy right now. It's just eating at me. It's killing me so bad, because I want to be out there and grinding with the boys, man. I just figure I got to be smart about this, too, and get over this little hump right here."


UPDATE:  RIP Nate.  NYJER!  is all we've got now.  Thank you to everyone for your Nyjer posts.  They have been of great comfort in this dark time.

This picture is even better.  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN MR TONY PLUSH!





This chick brought her 7 month old niece to her first Pirate game and they got Nyjer to do some dance called the "Stanky Leg" at 2:40   Any infants first Bucco experience should include the 4 words : Nyjer Morgan Stanky Leg.

Kendall's First Pirate Game! (via CarleyLenz)



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