Jose Tabata - Am I missing something

Being relatively new to bucsdugout (been browsing for over a year, posting for a few months) I've noticed a trend from the knowledgeable posters who contribute here and I'd like some more targeted opinions. 

The trend involves Jose Tabata, who is considered to be an excellent prospect on these boards but from my exploration no other individual seems to think he will become as good as I think he will.

Looking at Tabata I see a kid who will celebrate his 21st birthday next month and already has spent considerable time facing double AA pitching.  I see a kid who

- Started ball in the U.S at age 16 and played exceptionally well there (hit .314 with 3 HR's (projectable power) and showed some speed (22 SB's)

- Continued to hit for high averages in his first two seasons of full season ball with flashes of power (HR's and doubles) and speed

- A guy who grades out with average speed and a plus arm defensively

- A guy who grades out with plus plus contact and plus power

- A guy who saw his stock plummet due to (minor) behavioral issues and a broken hamate bone, but is still, I repeat, 20.  A guy who has since rebounded in the Pirates farm system once again flashing power and is hitting over .300 at Altoona and will finish the year with around 600-700 AA AB's.  With that in mind he could be a guy who starts next year in AAA Indy at the ripe age of 21.

All signs point to me that he has a tremendous ceiling and if his power comes back (once again, hes 20) he could hit in the neighborhood of .320/ 30 HR's/ 130 RBI's and steal double digit bases.  If he really clicks he could hit higher than .320 and hit 40+ HR's which approaches, dare I say Pujols numbers.  Obviously, I know this is more likely NOT to happen, but I would point out that it was more likely for Pujols to not become "Albert".

I guess it may come down to the argument would you rather have Chase Utley or Ryan Howard, and I'd rather have Utley, who in this case I see as Tabata than Howard, aka Alvarez.


For people who respond (and all are welcome) I'd be thrilled to read in-depth stuff regarding this kid as far as projectables.  I scrounged some basic data up from the internet but if there is anything anyone else knows (preferably reliable knowledgeable soucres) that says his power doesn't project as well as it once did or his arm isn't as strong, or stuff on the other end of the spectrum, such as he looks like he could be faster or could become an contact stud, etc. I'd love to hear about it.

I guess in closing my estimation on Jose Tabata is he may have been a tad bit overhyped, but then due to two roadbumps (attitude, injury) he was thrown under the bust and pegged as being WAY overhyped and as such is now undervalued.

Support my argument, prove me wrong, call me a moron, grovel at my feet. Its up to you and either way, I look forward to the response.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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