Forecast: Looks Good

In this thread I'd like to discuss what makes us the most excited about the Pirates future.  For me I am really excited to see Morton get a full time shot at reaching his potential as a MLB frontline starter.  I really, really think he is going to develop into/continue to be a very good starter.

As an aside I'd like to build on the thoughts of 'a random Mets fan' and give my view from a 'random Braves fan'.  I grew up in central Indiana so obviously I didn't have a local team to root for but the Braves were on TV ALL THE TIME so I grew up saturated in loving the Braves.  On the other hand my dad took me to regular baseball games so we would go see the Cubs, Reds, and Cards play each other and the rest of the NL Central.  I know don't hate me but I like every team in the central but the Stros (don't know why)......

which brings me to my point: I really want the Pirates to succeed and I find myself watching/listening to more of their games since NH took over.  As an informed baseball fan I really think NH is on the right path and I think there are more non-primary Pirate fans(like myself and 'mets fan') who think this way than it seems.  We just aren't as vocal or local as your 'Yinzers'.  I'm also really tired of all the national media bashing.  Just this morning on my way to work, Erik Kuselias, whom I normally like, put Pit as his number #1 deadline loser and had a quote from a so-called 'baseball guy' saying "I don't know what they [Pirates] are doing anymore"  Some top notch baseball source Erik... I was slightly relieved that Yahoo! had Pit as one of the deadline winners noting the Sanchez/Alderson trade.

We aren't all retarded Yinzers out there.

I know its very useless to post a three years from now lineup how could you not be excited about this potential?

1. McCutchen CF
2. Milledge LF
3. Tabata RF
4. Alverez 3B
5. Clement 1B
6. Sanchez C
7. Sano SS (I hope)
8. Young 2B ?


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