Does this team need leaders?

Since it was in the unreadable PBC Blog comments section, I doubt many of you read this when it was first posted. 

To make a long story short, here is an excerpt of Dejan's response to what some posters deemed "negative" coverage:

I will say it again: There is no leadership on the team.

If you want me to write about nothing but the happy stuff, I can't do that. That is not my job. It is to tell you what is going on.

Who will take responsibility, if anyone?

Who is accountable?

That requires a long follow-up over the next two months.

I, for one, didn't have a problem with the coverage. 

The team played horribly Thursday night and deserved to be called out in an objective manner. Nor did I have an issue with reporting that Hart and Jackson were unavailable to talk postgame. After all, the beat writers/talking heads have a job to do. And while both players provided explanations after the fact, it didn't exactly scream of "professionalism" on their part. 

What I don't care for is all this leadership nonsense, at least not now.

How can a team that's been gutted -- and rightfully so -- have someone instantly take the reigns? How can Ryan Doumit, who seems to have no interest whatsoever in such a role, become a leader based on mere seniority? The same goes for Ramon Vazquez; why, just because he's old enough to remember a few John Hughes movie lines?

As much as it pains me to say, I'm with John Russell on this one. Leaders, at least in regard to pro baseball, are made, not born. 

Let these 25 guys play. Let them succeed. Let them fail. Let them whatever ... someone will come to the forefront. 
Also, and this is another thread for another day, but I find it odd that Dejan seems more outwardly critical now than when DL was ripping this organization, from top to bottom, to shreds. Of course, that's his prerogative. It's just strange.

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