Tim Marchman has a good idea.

Back in November, there were a number of articles on revenue sharing and the Yankees' domination of MLB. Of course, the Pirates came up in many of those articles as they happen to with so much of the main stream media obsessed with how the Pirates have supposedly ripped off all the large market teams.

Most of you know this really gets my goat and when these inevitable pieces came out, I made it a mission to post my own solution on numerous blogs, fan sites, comment sections of sports sites...really too numerous to count.

Here is one such post on fangraphs in Novemeber where I explain how adding another team in New York in the AL East would dilute the baseball money and create more parity, and the ensuing dialog between multiple parties. Now, creating another team in New York is not a new idea, but I have never seen the argument posed as I did repeatedly during that time in many places - that a sports league itself changes the supply and demand dynamic by creating an artificial shortage in its most populace cities.

In many of these exchanges and blog postings that I had during that time, I specifically borrowed an econ phrase describing inflation: "New York has too many people chasing too few baseball teams."

Now, we all remember Tim Marchman, the SI columnist who wrote an incredibly bizarre and ill-informed piece on the Pirates, which among other things, oddly suggested moving Andy LaRoche to first base (because the Pirates don't have an adequate 1B) and sign Adrian Beltre for 3B.

I'm pretty sure I wrote Marchman an email after that piece but I can't say what exactly was said as I seem to not have kept a copy of it.

However it happened, Marchman sometime in November had an amazing idea, which apparently appeared in the December issue of Sports Illustrated:

The better solution would be to place a third team in New York. That would bring the town's population:team ratio down to the level of Los Angeles or Philadelphia, and with the same number of people and dollars chasing more baseball, would quite likely bring Yankee spending down a hair without doing anything punitive or unfair.

You know, this Marchman guy just might have something after all.

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