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I'm sure most of you have read alla these, but for those that haven't, from MLBTR, links to the Trib, DK, and Jen Langosch on recent events and statements from the FO.  There's several good quotes / explanations on a variety of subjects - I like Langosch's transcript, particularly.


From DK's article, re: Mario's ownership "bid":

"Honestly, I'm not sure there's a situation to describe," Mr. Nutting said last night when asked about the meeting. "I like Ron. He's an extremely competent businessman and deal-maker, and we've talked about a wide range of topics. But I think the simplest way to say this is that there never has been a substantive or formal offer for the team. The team is not for sale."

From the Trib, re: the Matt Capps situation:

"We had the opportunity to trade him (early in 2009) and I chose to hold him because I thought his value would come back the second half of 2009, and in hindsight that wasn't a good decision on my part," Huntington said. "As soon as other teams sniff out that you're going to non-tender a guy, his value disappears. He had very little value at the trade deadline.

"We did make an effort to trade him; I called every big-market teams that needed a reliever, but no one wanted to risk paying $3.5 million and give something up for him. No team is going to give up a prospect and pay arbitration value."

From Langosch, re: Neil Walker:

Does Neil Walker have a chance to make the team this spring?

Huntington: Neil has made a lot of progress. He struggled a little bit earlier, but did come on stronger. I think Neil still has some development. It doesn't mean he doesn't have a chance to make our club, but he still has development. He needs to continue to work on his approach at the plate. We're excited to have Neil in our system. I'm not closing the door on Neil at Spring Training. Maybe we'll move him around this year. We'll look at our options as Spring Training goes on.

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