Who are good sell-high trade candidates?

Instead of discussing the myriad of players the Pirates should be targeting in trades (Matt GarzaGavin FloydBilly Butler!), I want to discuss what players the Pirates should consider trading.  I know this difficult to discuss without knowing what we are getting in return, but I think it would be an interesting discussion.  The free agent market is very shallow, so I think it is time to consider acquiring good young talent via trade.


Major League Level:

I think we can agree that Cutch and Pedro are nearly untouchable.  Of course we will always listen for an offer where a team is willing to overpay, but those two are studs who should be integral pieces in the window where the Pirates hope to compete for a championship. 

Neil Walker is an interesting candidate for a trade.  Some people believe that Walker's breakout 2010 campaign makes him a great sell-high candidate, as fans expect him to regress to his Minor League numbers.  Most other GMs will be aware that Walker is a regression candidate, and I hate trading the hometown kid.  If ever there was a player who might want to stay in Pittsburgh through his free agency years, it might be Walker.

Tabata is another name that has been mentioned.  I believe he really is 22 years old, so I expect him to get better over the next few seasons. 

The one player I would look to trade is Evan Meek.  He is coming off a career year where he made an All-Star appearance.  I would keep Hanrahan because his stuff is so nasty and I expect his traditional metrics (ERA) to decrease to catch up with his nasty peripherals this season.  When the Bucs are ready to compete, I think bullpen arms can be found and are always available on the free agency market.

I like giving Doumit plenty of starts at catcher in April in an attempt to increase his trade value.  He needs to go, and I think we could find a taker.  It goes without saying that we hope we can get something in return for Maholm at the trade deadline.

Minor League Level:

The one player I am the most hesitant to trade is Tony Sanchez.  If the Bucs trade Sanchez, there will be a nasty black hole at the catcher spot in the organization.  I believe he has the tools to be an above average catcher both offensively and defensively, and I think he will show that in Altoona if he is healthy in 2011.

Taillon, Allie, and Heredia are not eligible to be traded.  I would be willing to trade everyone else for the right MLB pitcher or corner infielder/outfielder.  I would happily include Lambo or Marte in the right deal.  I would trade any of the AA pitchers for the right return.



What are y'alls thoughts?  If you don't have any, don't worry about it, I was bored in class and this was a nice time waster.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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