Writer Uses Steroid Innuendo To Justify Vote Against Jeff Bagwell

HOUSTON - AUGUST 30: Houston Astros hitting coach Jeff Bagwell #5 looks on from the dugout at Minute Maid Park during a game against the St. Louis Cardinals on August 30 2010 in Houston Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Not Pirates-related, but this article mocking Hall of Fame voters for their nonsensical justifications for their votes made me laugh. The Danny Knobler article the author is referring to is a masterpiece of self-important arbitrariness.

I vote for Jack Morris. You vote for Bert Blyleven.

I can't say you're wrong, just that I don't agree with you. You shouldn't say I'm wrong (although many of you will).

That's right at the beginning. The guy is pretty much saying what kind of Hall of Fame voter he is right there. I get the sense that a lot of these pro-Morris, anti-Blyleven voters are really just trying to rile people up, because there's really no justifying it otherwise.

There are players I'm not voting for this year because I strongly suspect they built their credentials by cheating. And I've decided, after much consternation, that I'm not going to vote for them.

Who are they? I can't tell you.

Go ahead and parody that quote in the comments, and I'll update this post with the best ones.

He seems to be talking about Jeff Bagwell, a likely 2011 inductee he left off his ballot. There's no evidence of which I'm aware that Bagwell used steroids. But hey. The crazy thing is that this guy says he actually voted for Mark McGwire the past few years, because he figured that there were other people who used steroids too and he didn't want to put McGwire at a disadvantage just because he knew McGwire was a user. If you can follow the logic there, you're a smarter person than I.

UPDATE: As promised. I'll keep posting more as they come up.


There are players I might consider fining even more this year because I strongly suspect they tackle in a way I have defined as dirty, and despite constant protest from players other than the aforementioned, I’m not going to listen to them.

Who are they? James Harris—I can’t tell you.


There are corner outfielders/first basemen that I shouldn’t have to watch this year because I strongly suspect that they aren’t very good. And I’ve decided, after much consternation, that I’m probably going to watch them anyway.

Who are they? I can’t tell you.

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