The Past Decade's Most Disliked Pirates Squad

The inspiration for this comes from SBN's Padres blog, Gaslamp Ball, which posted a very similar item.


We have been mired in futility for seventeen years now, so those of us who have stuck around to this point all have to have at least one or two Pirates who come to mind that we have just despised to have on our favorite team.  My team will be primarily composed of player's from the last decade (I'm fairly young), but feel free to mix in players from any time period you like.


Please, post your ideas.  Here are mine:


C- Humberto Cota -  Humby wasn't a bad guy, but he might have been the most maddeningly inept starting catcher in baseball while he was a Pirate.  He wasn't bad defensively, but he somehow managed to stick with the Pirates for parts of seven seasons while posting a .233 career batting average and a whopping 12 dingers.  


1B- Kevin Young - Young showed the odd flash of power, but was in general fat, slow, and boring to watch.  He had no charisma at all, and his fate on this list was sealed with the discovery that he was a juicer.  (HM- Adam LaRoche, Randall Simon, Brad Eldred)

2B- "The Great" Abraham Nunez - Aby Baby Nunez played six seasons with over 90 games played for the Pirates from 1997 to 2004, never once reaching a batting average of .250 or an OBP of .265 in any of those years.  He hit a career high five homers in 2003, and was never anything more than Brian Bixler both at the dish and in the field.  I will personally remember him as one of the past decade's greatest catalysts for ineptitude. (HM- Jose Castillo_

SS- Jack Wilson - Now, hold on a second-- I personally love Jack Wilson, as do quite a few Pirates fans.  However, for every fan who respected his contact, outstanding defense, and clubhouse leadership, there is a yinzer (or two) who just can't pipe down about his lack of power and expect him to be Honus Wagner.  This isn't a personal pick of mine, but just what I think is indicitive of too man Pirates fans.  Wilson is also really the only player who manned short for the Pirates in the decade, though Pat Meares was the starter in 2001.

3B- Aramis Ramirez - Ramirez has matured greatly as both a player and person since Dave Littlefield inexplicably flipped him for absolutely nothing to the Cubs in 2003.  That said, while he was here, he was the most frustratingly inconsistent Pirates I think I've ever watched.  His body language on the field and refusal to run out ground balls got to a downright condemnable point near the end of his stay in Pittsburgh, and he never really could play defense.  (HM- Chris Stynes, Jose Hernandez)

OF- Jeromy Burnitz - Another Littlefield gem was signing Burnitz to a multi-million dollar joke of a contract prior to the 2006 season.  Burnitz was an abhorrent "right fielder" who rarely hustled or did anything but rest on his laurels.  Burnitz hit an outstanding .230 in 111 games.  Like Ramirez, he often refused to even run out grounders. 

OF- Derek Bell - Also a prized free agent signing, the Pirates eventually wound up paying Bell 4.5 million dollars to simply stay as far away from PNC Park as possible.  Bell was a .173 hitter for the Pirates in one year of service in 2001, and then proclaimed "Operation Shutdown," jumping ship from the team as quickly as he could.

OF- Tike Redman - Redman initially excited a lot of us with dazzing speed, good bunting ability, and a generally exciting playing style.  Sadly, he could never manage to put everything together.  He was a model of inconsistency, and he displayed a certain youthful arrogance (at least to my eyes) that epitomized and eventually spelled the end of his stay in Pittsburgh.  He averaged five home runs in two years as an everyday center fielder.  (HM- Chris Duffy)


P- Jose Mesa, Matt Capps, Brian Boehringer, Ryan Vogelsong, Tony Armas Jr., Victor Santos, John Van Benschoten, Salomon Torres, Ian Snell, and Matt Morris.


So, that's my team.  Let's see yours! 


(Not spell-checked, so go easy)

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