BAs top 100 list finally released their top 100 prospects list for 2010 which can be viewed for free here,


A few things that jumped out to me....

*Pedro Alvarez, ranked #8; I'm surprised at the difference in opinion between BA, and Keith Law...I honestly believe Alvarez is a top 5 prospect at this point, and not a top 40 prospect that Keith Law suggests. Just goes to show that you can't put much stock into these lists...

*Dustin Ackley, ranked #11; I thought this was pretty high for someone that has yet to take a pitch in his pro career, but I'm also a big fan of Ackley, and only reminds me of how close the Pirates were to getting him. The Pirates future would look alot brighter with Ackley in the system right now...

*Tanner Scheppers, ranked #42; It also would've been really nice to have Scheppers pitching in his 2nd year in our organization this year. Obvisouly I don't know the exact numbers on why the Pirates could'nt get a deal done, but I hope it was'nt a few thousand dollars risk that we missed out on a top 50 pitching prospect. I think Scheppers becomes a dominant pitcher in the next few years, and really makes the Pirates look bad...

*Reid Brignac, ranked #54; While Bay was being shopped as a Pirate there were reports of a deal with Tampa Bay for Brignac, and Jeff Niemann. At the time I was really hoping the Pirates would pull the trigger on this deal, because I really liked Brignac. After watching Brignac some more in the minors, and a small sample size in the majors last September, I think Brignac is a top 10 prospect, and a ROY candidate this year. Brignac should would look nice in a Pirates jersey going into this year as our starting shortstop...

*Tony Sanchez, ranked #79; I thought this was a pretty good ranking for Sanchez. Some will say he should be higher, and some would say he should be lower, but after only one year it's a good ranking, and one that I think will go up drastically in the next year or two. To put it in perspective; Sanchez is ranked right ahead of Mike Moustakas (2007 2nd overall pick; ahead of Matt Wieters)

*Miguel Sano, ranked #94; The prospect that the Pirates missed out on seems to have some serious doubters. Before being signed some were thinking he would instantly become a top prospect with the likes of Strasburg, and Ackley. I thought this was a really low ranking for Sano, and a sign that he is'nt an elite talent as some suggested prior to signing. It still would've been nice to see the PIrates sign Sano, but at this point it does'nt look like the catastrophe it once did, but who knows he could come out, and rake in his first year of pro ball...

*Jose Tabata, unranked; I was really surprised to see Tabatas name not show up on the list at all. It seemed he had been gradually growing on everyones top 100 list every year since signing with the Yankees at age 16. Coming off a year where he raked double AA pitching while healthy, and playing decent in his first taste of triple AAA at the age of 21, I would have thought that he had done nothing to prove he did'nt belong as a top prospect. Not to mention his success in winter ball; I look for Tabata to continue to improve, and be in Pittsburgh this summer proving that he is still considered a top prospect.

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