Around the Division - Second base

Since the 1B situation wasn't much fun to look at from the Bucco perspective, let's quickly move on. Here's a look at the second basemen across the division:




Cardinals: Skip Schumaker (backup plan – Julio Lugo)

2009 (153 games) –  303/364/393

Career (449 games) – 301/356/399

Best season 08 (153 games) –  302/359/406

My assessment – Three solid big league seasons. Grade: B


Reds: Brandon Phillips (backup plan – Aaron Miles)

2009 (153 games) –  276/329/447

Career (736 games) – 265/312/430

Best season 07 (158 games) –  288/331/485

My assessment – Should lead the division in HRs from this position. Mr. Consistency. Grade: B


Pirates: Akinori Iwamura (backup plan – Ramon Vazquez)

2009 (69 games) – 290/355/390

Career (344 games) – 281/354/393

Best season 07 (123 games) – 285/359/411

My assessment – Now comes all the questions marks, starting with Aki. Hopefully he’s primed to resume a promising career after the ACL injury. Grade: C


Brewers: Rickie Weeks (backup plan – Craig Counsell)

2009 (37 games) –  272/340/517

Career (482 games) – 247/351/415

Best season 07 (118 games) –  235/374/433

My assessment – Need to see if he bounces back from wrist surgery or not. Grade: C


Cubs: Mike Fontenot (backup plan – Jeff Baker)

2009 (135 games) –  236/301/377

Career (347 games) – 266/339/422

Best season 08 (119 games) –  305/395/514

My assessment – A 301 OBP will not get it done. I think 08 was the mirage. Grade: D+


Astros: Kazuo Matsui (backup plan – Jeff Keppinger)

2009 (132 games) –  250/302/357

Career (603 games) – 271/325/387

Best season 08 (96 games) – 293/354/427

My assessment – Looking like a Fontenot clone to me, just not much upside. Grade: D+


And GPAs thus far:


Cardinals: B+ (C), A (1B), B (2B) = GPA 3.43

Reds:  C (C), B+ (1B), B (2B) = GPA 2.77

Brewers: C (C), A- (1B), C (2B) = GPA 2.57

Pirates: B+ (C), C- (1B), C (2B) = GPA 2.33

Cubs: C+ (C), B (1B), D+ (2B) = GPA 2.20

Astros: D (C), C+ (1B), D+ (2B) = GPA 1.53

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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