Bryce Harper update

I just saw a Bryce Harper update over at, and thought I'd share the article here for anyone who does'nt visit their site often....

Through 16 games with the Coyotes, the 17-year-old Harper is hitting .356/.451/.712 with four homers and 11 doubles in 71 plate appearances.

----- pretty impressive so far...

Then, Keith Law gives a report after scouting him...He basically said that hes already working on improving any flaws in his bat, and that hes got softer hands behind the plate than he originally thought; coupled with his impressive arm, a position change may not happen, and that the only person he would take over Harper in this years draft is HS pitcher Jameson Taillon...

"Harper brings two plus-plus tools to the table -- huge raw power and an outstanding arm behind the plate. He has ridiculous leverage in his swing, even after mechanical changes made by CSN coach Tim Chambers, who has done a good job of quieting Harper's swing down and lessening some bad habits. He's not jumping as early as he used to, although he still gets his front side open a little too early and ends up hitting off his front foot, although his hand and wrist strength make that irrelevant from a power perspective. Behind the plate, he's good enough that few runners are going to try to steal on him at this level, and he's been clocked in the low 90s off the mound. On Thursday, he also received very well, with softer hands than he's shown me in the past and good agility behind the dish."

He also spoke to several people in the game, including one who had concerns about Harper's swing, "particularly the way he can drag his hands through the zone, and whether or not [he] could hit when facing above-average fastballs."

--- I found this interesting, because I watched Harper in the H.S East-West all star game, and he seemed to me to be overmatched against good pitching. I'm worried he has everyone hyped up too much, because he took advantage of, and raked poor pitching; I think this puts a little truth in my first impression.

Buster Olney also touched on Harper in his blog today; he compared Harper to Florida QB Tim Tebow. Basically he also has his doubts whether, or not Harper can handle professional pitchers. He had this to say...

"On one hand you have those who praise Tebow's athleticism and leadership, but on the other hand you have those who doubt his ability to succeed as a pro because of poor throwing mechanics. Harper draws the same kind of responses, there are those that love his natural talent and those that doubt his ability to handle professional pitchers."


Basically I have'nt reached an opinion on Harper yet, but the fact that he got off to a pretty good start starts to put alot of pressure on teams like Washington, and Pittsburgh. I'll continue to follow Harper more before I reach a final opinion on him. I'm high on Ranaudo if he can bounce back from his recent injury, and raise his K/9...I also would'nt mind taking Taillon, but I think he will be  hard to sign. Three months, and counting; I hope the Pirates are doing their homework!!!

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