Stadium atmosphere

So, I was able to attend the game tonight; it was sort of a last minute decision to make it to the field since the weather was terrible.  I finally convinced my girlfriend to make the trip down at around 6:15, so we practically ran to the bus from Oakland.

On our way across Clemente bridge, we encountered people selling tickets for a dollar a piece.  I only had a dollar on me, and my girlfriend had 51 cents.  The women were nice enough to accept our money for two tickets.  I was extremely excited, however the seats were in section 308.  This gave us a good view of the entire game, and the seating under the small roof area kept us dry while we waited for the storm to end.

Anyway, on our way up to find our seats, these fellows in Pens jerseys were walking around the park saying "The Pirates suck!  Let's go Pens."  It took all of my restraint to keep from coming to blows.  I thought they were going to sit next to us since they were following us to the seats, but they made a turn near section 320.  I (and my girlfriend) breathed a sigh of relief -- no threat for me to get kicked out of the game!

At our seats, the closest people to us were two gentlemen: one refused to stand for the Star Spangled Banner; one didn't know who Andrew McCutchen was, but still decided to comment on the state of the roster (I'll let the reader guess the gist of his opinions)

"I hope they can score one run before I leave", says the ignorant gentlemen.  After they scored two in the first inning, the two guys left.

The atmosphere in the stadium was rather bleak.  No one seemed to care.  I made a bit of a fool of myself, which I tend to do at Pirate games.  Since I was the only one in the section, my voice carried well.  I guess I made a few folks laugh, but I really had to hold back from the swears.

After the game, and crossing the Clemente Bridge still high on the adrenaline from the bullpen blow-up as well as the game winning single, my spirits quickly dampened when a group of people behind started discussing the pay roll.  I rolled my eyes, hopped on the bus, and quickly decided that until this team starts winning, every game in the future will be like this; however, add about 5,000 more people considering it WAS rainy and there was a Penguins game going on.


Summary: I love you all.  You give me faith in all Pirate fans.

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