Prospect Predictions

What are your predictions for some of the Pirates' best prospects? Mine are as follows (Average/ HRs/ RBI for Hitters), (Record/ERA for Pitchers)

Pedro Alvarez .304/13/56  The numbers are low because he will be up in early June
Jose Tabata .322/7/64 I think Tabata won't come up until July 31, when we trade Ryan Church
Gorkys Hernandez .297/3/40 I think if Altoona does not make the post-season and if Indy does we could see Gorkys getting some playoff playing time at AAA
Chase D'Arnaud .267/15/82 I have high hopes for D'Arnaud (pronounced DAR-NO) I think he might be same situation as Gorkys, with the AAA playoff time
Starling Marte .246/10/67 I think that he will take a step back this year. Last year in my opinion was a fluke. I hope he makes me wrong
Tony Sanchez .294/11/72 Sanchez should see Altoona for about a month or two this season
Robbie Grossman .288/18/97 Grossman has a lot of powerand speed and this will be his "Coming-out party" Grossman is my pick for Pirates's Minor League Position Player of the Year
Brandon Jones .256/15/80 Jones is a darkhorse candidate for breakout player of the year. Hopefully he has a good enough year that his trade value increases and we can trade him


Brad Lincoln 8-4/ 2.97 I think Lincoln will get the call after the July 31 deadline just like Tabata
Tim Alderson 13-5/ 3.10 I am not as concerned about Alderson's velocity as others. Glavine was throwing mid-80s throughout his career and he's now going to the HOF
Rudy Owens 8-8/ 4.08 I think that Owens showed some great stuff against Strasburg and overall he will remain on the radar, but he won't have a flashy year, yet it should be a good year
Quinton Miller 14-3/ 3.00 Miller is my pick for this year's "Rudy Owens" and my pick for Pirates's Minor League Pitcher of the Year
Bryan Morris 10-7/ 3.76 Morris will hopefully see Altoona by the year's end
Donnie Veal 8-6/ 4.10 Veal should be in the September call-ups and from my opinion he has a future with the Pirates
Kevin Hart 5-5/3.89 Hart might flip-flop throughout the year with No Relation and should get his share of opportunities with Pittsburgh
Daniel McCutchen 6-2/ 3.84 McCutchen and Hart are extremely similar players, except McCutchen has pretty much reached his potential. Hopefully McCutchen has a good enough year that we can include him in a package of prospects trade for an elite pitching prospect (i.e. Phil Hughes or Brian Matusz)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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