Looking Ahead: 2010 Draft

In just 16 days, it will be time for the draft.  As a huge fan of the draft, I have decided to put together my own personal top 25 (with one extra) for this year.  We could be in position to land 2 or more of these players, if a few fall to the second round.  Whatever happens, this is my list:

1- Bryce Harper, C: Tremendous power, great arm, could move to outfield down the road.

2- Manny Machado, SS: Should hit for average, decent average, great defense, could outgrow position. 

3- Jameson Taillon, RHP: Hits 98mph, great curveball, ace potential.

4- Karsten Whitson, RHP: Hits 95mph, polished pitcher with ace potential, but mechanics aren't great.

5- Drew Pomeranz, LHP: Low-mid 90s fastball, solid control, great curveball.

6- Zach Cox, 3B: Hard worker, great offensive potential with average/power, strikeouts could be a problem.

7- Chris Sale, LHP: Big lefty, low to mid 90s fastball, terrific control, mechanics could lead to injury.

8- Josh Sale, OF: Excellent bat speed, patient hitter with great power potential.

9- AJ Cole, RHP: Touches 96mph, should develop changeup and curveball, #1-2 starter

10- Christian Colon, SS: Good bat, good power, but he's most likely a 2B in the majors.

11- Bryce Brentz, OF: Excellent power, doesn't face top competition, Ks too much, has great ceiling.

12- Stetson Allie, RHP: Mid 90s fastball, hits 99mph, needs to improve control, could end up as closer.

13- Michael Choice, OF: Great raw power, hits for average, solid speed.

14- Deck McGuire, RHP: Throws low to mid-90s, good command, solid curveball and changeup.

15- Austin Wilson, OF: Toolsy outfielder, great power potential, needs better pitch recognition.

16- Brandon Workman, RHP:  low-mid 90s fastball, needs better changeup, inconsistent delivery.

17- Kris Bryant, 3B: Couls end up in OF or 1B, but excellent power, potential middle of lineup bat.

18- LeVon Washington, OF: Good hitter, decent power, not best instincts in field, decent arm at best.

19- Nick Castellanos, 3B: Good fielder at 3B, decent power potential, middle of order bat.

20- Justin O'Conner, SS: Good bat speed, should stick at SS, great arm.

21- Matt Harvey, RHP: Excellent stuff, needs to improve control, has a high ceiling.

22- James Paxton, LHP: Mid-high 90s fastball, great slider, needs to develop changeup, decent control.

23- Yordy Cabrera, SS: Good hitter, probably won't stick at shortstop long-term.

24- DeAndre Smelter, RHP: Low 90s fastball, good changeup, good slider, good control.

25- Jarret Parker, OF: Good athlete, decent power potential, nice swing, very projectable.

26- Kyle Blair, RHP: Low 90s fastball, good curve, average changeup, solid command, mid-rotation starter.


What do you think?  Anyone I missed?  Should rankings be changed?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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