Anti-Pirates Attitude in Post Gazette is Annoying

I don’t live in Pittsburgh. But I do read the Post Gazette online to get local flavor about the Bucs. Is it just me or are the writers for the Post Gazette decidedly anti-Pirates?

Members of the jury, I present this article on today's game. Ohlendorf pitches a very good game, Jones drills a HR, and Dotel records a save before a home town crowd on Memorial Day. What could you possible say about this game that was negative? Well Kovacevic says the following:

  • The Pirates had lost their previous five games, but the Cubs again were the antidote:
  • Ohlendorf, finally finding good health and consistency in the season's third month
  • ,,,,center fielder Andrew McCutchen failed to get his glove on it despite arriving in ample time
  • Chicago's Randy Wells carried that 1-0 lead through his five scoreless innings, this despite having lasted just 16 pitches in his previous start
  • It was Jones' sixth home run, his first at PNC since the second game of the season.

I come from Philly were the fans have a reputation for booing Santa Claus. I don't recall in all my years, the home team getting sarcastic comments made about them when they win a hard fought game. I now live in Rochester, NY. Our local AAA team has gone thru some hard times of late. They used to win the AAA championship often, but now they do just OK. None of our local papers would say anything like what Kovacevic says about our local team.


What is wrong with your sports writers? OK. the Bucs have not won in a very long time, but why take it out on the team playing now? This type of negatism would never have happened during Bob Prince’s days!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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