Cutting a big check

I was a harsh critic of the McClatchy and Littlefield regime back when those two were driving the franchise into the ground. While I cannot claim that I agree with every move made by the Coonelly and Huntington regime, I can say that the Pirates are now trying to build a winner with the resources they have.

Mine is not a common opinion among the yinzers.

Anyway, I'm going to go out on a limb here by predicting that the FO will make a good faith effort to sign both pitchers. I suspect this to be true - inasmuch as any prediction can be true - because I believe the Front Office is making a good faith effort to build a winning team, has money left in the piggy bank after missing out on Sano last year, claimed that it would spend the money when the opportunity warranted doing so and because spending money makes sense for a team to acquire every bit of top shelf talent when it has the rare opportunity to do so.

After all, the Pirates claimed that the team would have drafted and paid the price for Strasburg if it had been given opportunity to make the pick. It would have been a "show me" moment for the organization.

The Pedro Alvarez/Scott Boras negotiations were also a "show me" moment for this Front Office. So too were the Sano negotiations. The regime now in place passed both tests, as far as I could tell from the newspaper reports about the bargaining. The Taillon and Allie selections provide the organization with another "show me" test. It could take $10-11M to sign both. To pass the test the Front Office and the partnership that owns the team will need to make a good faith effort to sign both. The team might not sign both. It might not sign either. All that is needed is for the organization to make a good faith effort.

We'll see what happens. The bargaining looks complex in the way that 11-dimensional chess looks complex! Both players have viable options in that they can choose to go to college. Both, however, must account for the possibility that the CBA may change the draft in ways that favor the teams, not the early round draft picks. Waiting need not be their best path to riches and fame.

The Pirates also have options insofar as both picks will generate 2011 Draft compensation picks if the Pirates cannot sign the player. Moreover, the 2011 Draft promises to be a rich one. The organization thus has an incentive to not err on the side of fiscal excess. Both players also provide viable alternatives to each other: In other words, if the Pirates fail to sign one of the two, the signed player can substitute for the unsigned player. Both are first round talents. Yet, the FO must also consider this: The organization will not likely have the opportunity to use its compensation picks to select players in the 2011 Draft who are better than Taillon and Allie.

The question of the day: Will Bob Nutting sign that big check?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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