What 2 awesome games can do for your line

A.232/.300/.384 line is not pretty, it is a line that would POSSIBLY be adequate for a good fielding utility infielder who doesn't play much, but is not attractive, a .684 OPS, pfft... foget about it.  A .259/.325/.509 line is MUCH more attractive though, its a dude with an OPS of .834, the dude might not get on base enough to be considered amazing, but its a line I would love to have on my team.  That's what 2 days from Pedro Alvarez has done to his line.


It got me thinking, what if we took the best 2 games of a persons season, had them just so happen to fall on the next two games, and see what it does to a persons line.  While at first I felt like adding Pedro's totals to certain players, I figured that I would be at least slightly more realistic and pretend that they repeated their 2 top games of THIS season again over the next 2 days.  For a quick example, though I won't get into detail for him, Bobby Crosby's best game of the season was either a 2 for 4 game with 2 doubles or a 1 for 2 game with a homer and its really not hard to pick those out for him.  You then pretend that in his next 2 games he goes 3 for 6 with 2 doubles and a homer, because he has shown himself capable of doing those performances this season, and see what it does to his line.  I've decided to do it to some vilified players for fun. 


Woo, that out of the way, lets start with Ryan Church, because his numbers are fun to play with.


Current line of .190/.246/.325  I think that ugly is a proper word to describe that line, maybe even a little generous.  Church's two best games of the season for boosting that line are a 3 for 3 game with a homer and a walk against Philly and a 3 for 3 game with a double and a walk against Atlanta, adding 6 for 6 with 2 walks, a double, and  a homer changes his line to .219/.297/.373, which is still not pretty, though I'd say with decent fielding that would merely make his season bad, as opposed to what many people here have called it.  PROBABLY that would even be a line you could trade if you added solid fielding.


Now lets do Aki Iwamura's cause his might be interesting, I'm not sure how it will change his line.


.182/.292/.267 is the line he had when he got the boot here in Pittsburgh.  Not Church ugly because we all know that OBP is more important than slugging and the .46 point difference in OBP is a point in Iwamura's favor, but still ugly.  His 2 best games that I am putting on this list are a 2 for 4 game with a walk and a home run, (yes, Iwamura hit a home run this year, don't act too shocked) and a 3 for 6 game with a walk.  That would bring his line to .206/.310/.297, which like Church is still ugly, but at least the OBP number is slightly prettier being on the good side of .300.  Guess I was wrong about it possibly being interesting, still not good enough to stick, (I also ran the numbers if I added his 2 for 5 game with a homer instead of the 3 for 6 game and it came out to ..195/.303/.310, which gives him a SLG and OBP over .300, but I think .07 of OBP is worth more than .13 of SLG by Sabermetric studies).


Lastly, lets put  Andy LaRoche through this exercise


Andy's current line is .232/.297/.310 and his two best performances of the year were a 4 for 4 game and a 4 for 5 game, all singles.  That would change his line to .259/.320/.355 which actually sounds like the line of a mediocre bench player as opposed to a complete scrub.  Add in the fact that LaRoche CAN hit for power on a good day and that he's streaky and it does seem possible that one week of LaRoche being on fire could really spike his numbers.  NFW has done his job, and Pedro is Pedro, but if the display that Alvarez had against Wolf was against a righty, I think you could have made a case for their to be a platoon split between Alvarez and LaRoche.  Really, Alvarez seems like the kind of guy who might follow the Ryan Howard career path, (outside of huge contract, I wouldn't mind that) and have bad splits against lefties career wise, and Andy LaRoche has a .714 OPS career against lefties in 288 AB, (not a ton, but not a tiny SS)  This post wasn't meant to be a plug for LaRoche, but on the fly, sorry if it turned into one.   If someone else wants to continue the fun of the 2 big nights idea, feel free, and have fun!

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