If I may call out Bob Smizik

Now I know at some point we just have to avoid this man, but I must call him out on this.

Despite the fact they’ve been so awful for so long, the Pirates generated a significant amount of excitement Monday and Tuesday by signing their top two draft choices.  Hope springs eternal . . . and that certainly applies to Pirates fans.

Yes it does, because unlike you and the bandwagon riders who listen to you, we actually know these guys are good. Unilike JVB or Bullington who were cheap.

Although everyone knows Jameson Taillon and Stetson Allie won’t arrive until about 2015 -- if they arrive at all -- the enthusiasm created by their signings is a nice turn after the Pirates have left us with so many downers for so many years.

Why do you have to be so negitive bobby. Somehow I doubt it will be 2015 when Taillon arrives, late 2013 would be a more apporate ETA. Allie, I have no idea he has to work on his command so 2015 sounds right.

A questions commonly asked in the midst of this excitement is whether the Pirates recently emerged core of young players will be around when Taillon and Allie make their MLB debuts.

A word about ``the core,’’ which consists of Pedro Alvarez, Andrew McCutchen, Jose Tabata, Neil Walker and Garrett Jones.

When did GFJ become part of "the core", seeing as how he is 29 and the rest of those guys are in the early 20's and Cutch has 5 years of team control and Pedro, Jose and NFW have 6 years left, If I'm not mistaken.

Nothing is given in baseball. I’d be willing to wager right now that if Taillon and/or Allie make it to the Pirates by 2015, at least one of the core players and perhaps more will not be with the team, and it will have nothing to do with finances.

ok so you are saying that they will be so bad that we will be forced to trade them, you have seen Ryan Doumit play RF right.

Baseball is humbling sport, perhaps more so than any of the major ones. One of my favorite sets of baseball statistics concerns the great season Orel Hershiser had for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1988, when he 23-8, won the Cy Young award and dominated the post-season where he was MVP in the NLCS and the World Series.

Yet the two seasons prior to that great one and the one after it Hershiser had .500 records. There’s no telling what’s going to happen in baseball.

very true, I still don't see Jose taking that large of a step back any time soon, does Cutch's defense leave some to be desired yes but I can live with it, will Pedro be a high BA guy no, but will he hit at least 30 HR a year yes, seeing as how this is Neil first year at second I can only assume he will get better and will continue to rake as well.


Consider the Pirates former ``core.’’ Would you believe this information had it been presented to you at the start of the 2009 season?

* In mid-August of 2010, Jason Bay would have six home runs and 47 RBIs.

* Over the course of the 2009 and 2010 seasons, Xavier Nady would have four home runs and 25 RBIs.

* Jack Wilson would miss 56 games in 2009 and close to 100 in 2010 and at age of 32 his career might be over because of injuries.

* Freddy Sanchez would be hitting .258 in mid-August of 2010 and often out of the starting lineup of the San Francisco Giants.

* After failing miserably with the Atlanta Braves, Nate McLouth was batting .234 in Class AAA.

Yes, Jason Bay is not what he was during his prime in Pittsburgh, X-man not so much but I can't say I'm entirelly shocked, Yes, seing in his last few years he had a problem staying healthy, forcing us to play Brian Bixler we all know how that worked out. Yes, again he couldn't stay healty when he was here so I'm not shocked. Raise your hand if you are shocked that McLouth would come crashing down to earth, considering when we did trade him he was slowly coming back down and we had a better player waiting in the wings.

These ups and downs happen all the time in baseball. To project five players to be key regulars a year from now - let alone four years -- is risky.

yes it is, who here remembers Bobby Hill, Craig Wilson, Rob Machowiak, Randall Simon, Raul Mondesi, Oliver Perez, Kris Benson, Kip Wells, Sean Burnett.

It works the other way, too. Who would have thought Jose Bautista would lead the American League in home runs in 2010 when the Pirates traded him to Toronto in 2008? Maybe Brandon Moss or Jeff Clement will emerge as a part of the core.

It’s fine to be excited about the Pirates’ future. But that excitement must be tempered by the harsh realities of major league baseball.

B-Moss has been raking at AAA Indy, Jeff Clement really hasn't been given a shot since comeing back to Pittsburgh. No one expected Joey Bats to get this hot two years before his contract is up, say hello to 2012 starting RF for the New York Mets, so while it is to be mindful of these guys haven't done anything yet,as a fan I am very excited after we signed these guys.

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