In honor of the Pirates clinching their 18th consecutive losing season I decided that I'd make a list of the 18 worst things that either happened to the Pirates or the Pirates did. List of 18 Good things to come

18. Drafting John Van Benschoten and changing his position

After selecting JVB 8th overall in 2001, the Pirates decided to convert the NCAA's home run leader into a starting pitcher. Epic Fail

17. Willie Stargell dies of a stroke at age 61 on April 9, 2001

R.I.P. Pops

16. Manager Lloyd McClendon steals first base

Actually, this was extremely enjoyable. I still find it hilarious to this day, but it exposed just how bad things were in Pittsburgh to the rest of the baseball world

15. 1994 All Star Game

In Pittsburgh, showcasing the game's best stars, and the best we have to show is Carlos Garcia?

14. Selecting P Daniel Moskos 4th overall in the 2007 draft

Signability-the lack of masculinity or the fear of Scott Boras. Moskos, the 9th rated pitcher in the draft ahead of C Matt Wieters, who will be an All Star in the next couple of seasons and Jayson Heyward, a rookie All Star starter.

13. Selecting P Bryan Bullington 1st overall in the 2002 Draft

Bullington- a projectable three or four starter ahead of BJ Upton, Zack Grienke, Prince Fielder, Scott Kazmir, Nick Swisher and Cole Hamels?

12. Trading stolen base king OF Rajai Davis to San Francisco with another prospect for P Matt Morris

The worst part of this trade-we paid for Morris' entire contract!

11. Being clobbered 20-0 by the Milwaukee Brewers

Pretty self-explanatory

10. Manatee Community College defeats Pirates 6-4

Pathetic this actually included "a collection of the Pirates top prospects" including OF Jose Tabata, OF Andrew McCutchen, 3B Neil Walker  I know Virgil Vasquez was indeed the pitcher but no excuse to lose to a Community College

9. Signing OF Jeromy Burnitz and 3B Joe Randa

Burnitz had this to say after the season to Littlefield: "I can't thank you enough Dave", and Randa did only good thing while he was here in his second stint-get injured so we could discover Freddy Sanchez (Randa's HR off of Chris Young with 2 outs in the 9th to break up his no-hit bid was bad because it kept the Pirates off of Sportscenter for the millionth straight day) 

8. Jeff Tabaka vs. Marc Wilkins fight over a card game

Seriously? A Card Game?

7. 1B Randall Simon attacks a sausage in Milwaukee

Atleast it got us onto Sportscenter...

6. Signing C Jason Kendall to the ludicrous extension

No, sorry Jason Kendall isn't worth 6 years, $60 million, sorry to surprise you

5. Signing OF Raul Mondesi

What kind of player plays for two months, dissapears and then cries about being on a losing team? It was your choice to sign with the Buccos in the first place...

4. Signing OF Derek Bell

Bell, coming off a season where he hit below .200, felt he was too good to have to fight for a job. Operation Shutdown did not work...

3. Pirates give away 3B Aramis Ramirez and OF Kenny Lofton to the rival Cubs

This is one of the most lopsided trades I can remember in all of sports, the Pirates get a pitcher they lose a couple of days after the trade, a 40 year old strikeout machine and a backup infielder. I thought MLB could override trades that heavily favored one team...

2. Kevin McClatchy leads an investment group that purchases the Pirates in 1996 for $95 million

Thus began the era of "Spend none unless on some old veteran who has no other offers." Thank God the Nuttings came around to save us and spend a couple extra dollars on more promotions...

1. Barry Bonds leaving in free agency

It was inevitable yet still disheartening. It seems that Ted Simmons could have given Bonds an extension during the 1992 season but Bonds' party claimed that they were never even approached. The thought that the Pirates management could have kept Barry Bonds but didn't even try is one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced.

Also check this article out over at 93.7 The Fan's website. The 31 Most embarrasing moments in the "Post-Barry Bonds era"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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