In Honor of BFD1's Now Infamous Post...

Since BFD1's latest post has reached over 500 comments, I decided I'd share with all of you a two page selection from my book, "A Year in the Life of a Pirate's Fan" that is dedicated to the man, the myth, the legend that is BFD1.


Someone released the Pirates financial records to the papers, so to stop the problem from becoming worse, Bob Nutting and company released all their current finance records as well. The records showed that yes, the Pirates made a profit while losing. However, it did not show that the Pirates profited because of losing. It also showed, more than anything, that things in the current financial system that Major League Baseball uses are very bad, and even if the Pirates do compete in the future, it won’t be sustained, and we may be shipped right back into the dark ages.

Of course, no one saw that. They stopped reading once they realized that the team was making money. It was like the mob was standing outside the gates, and this story was the gasoline that was dumped in barrels on top of the torches they were carrying. You couldn’t convince the people on the outside of anything except what they wanted to believe, and around this time, a certain character by the name of BFD1 showed his ugly, pointless face on In fact, here’s a list of his blog titles, and summaries of what he thought was important to tell the world.

August 31st - Can This Team Get Any Worse? : In this article, BFD1 proceeded to tell us that the Pirates were indeed, Tee Ball Players. He also called the team the “Picksburgh Pirates."


September 6th - Nutting Has No Shame!:  In this article, BFD1 complains about how stale the hot dog buns at the park are, as well as claiming that it was wrong of the team to honor Bill Mazeroski.

September 7th - Bad Deal Neal: In this article, BFD1 informs us that in the three years that Neal Huntington has been General Manager, the team’s record has gotten worse, every trade that Huntington has ever made has been a failure, 93.7 The Fan likes to interview Atlanta Braves coaches, and reminds us that peanuts are delicious.

September 9th - Propaganda Machine At Work : “Promising Future”: In this article, which is one of my all time favorites, BFD1 contradicts himself over and over, claiming that it was wrong to trade away good players during our five year plan cycles that we’re apparently on, even though he later states that we didn’t know they wouldn’t be good when we traded them. They were good when we did, and that’s apparently what matters. At one point, he names Tike Redman and JJ Davis as prospects we let get away. He’s so smart!

September 21st - Just How Long Has Bob Nutting Been Pulling the Strings? : Truth be told, I did not read this article, but I did comment on it. Along with 500+ other comments. The comments range from pictures of ducks to flying saucers in the shape of butter dishes, to pictures of scantily clad women. I certainly learned a lot about baseball in this particular article.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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