Fan Conduct

What constitutes a good fan to you, when it comes to being at the ballpark?  How do you conduct yourselves?  How would you change things?


Ideally, I would like to see a lot more energy in the stadium.  I know that's hard to muster with such an abysmal record (although it is an average home record), but let me paint a picture.  You're a member of the Phillies, Mets, etc.  You love your big home city much more than you'd ever like Pittsburgh.  The only thing making you go to the game instead of just heading straight to the upstairs of Mullen's is that you know you're contending team will pick up some relatively easy wins to gain ground in your division. 

Now imagine coming to this pitiful city and instead of a passive crowd that only gets loud for fireworks and home runs (probably because of the fireworks), they unleash upon you a relentless ridicule, the likes of which you thought impossible coming from people who cheer on racing polish food.  You make more than their whole team, but your every mistake is blasted.  Those lights seem brighter.  The stadium bigger.  The crowd exists not to watch baseball, but you and your every fault.  Should you play acceptable ball, your past transgressions haunt you at every at bat.


Dramatic no?  Well that's my vision.  We're Pirate fans dammit.  We have been losing forever and we're pissed and ready to take that out on you.  Aside from getting into the psyche of the other team, it will give our players an almost college like atmosphere where they KNOW they have the whole stadium behind them.  They will be motivated to not only play well for their own reasons, but to embarrass the visitors, thus letting them become fodder for the relentless fans until they dread the day they see Pittsburgh on the schedule again.


As a point of reference, I have seen both sides of the spectrum of modern Pirate fans.  I was there opening day when the place was on fire.  People constantly heckled Manny Ramirez for the steroid scandal (although Furcal driving intoxicated seemed unworthy of ridicule).  I was also there for fireworks night against the Phillies, the only game of the series we lost.  They exploded on offense and I sat in a sea of Phillie fans.  I felt like I was in Philadelphia.  I felt sick.

So I ask ye Bucco fans, let us channel our misery out to the other team so to finally end this dreaded curse!


Side note: I do not at all condone heckling fans of the away team.  I hear horror stories of classless Philadelphia fans doing unspeakable acts to people in the wrong jersey.  Lighthearted trash talking with a smile is absolutely fine, but those who get more heated against each other than the players are absolutely pathetic.  We have an amazing city and ballpark and should strive to show it off to other baseball fans so they will be enlightened to this fact.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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