Dumpster Diving Free Agent/Trade Candidates

Sup gents? Well it's been a busy week, but I felt the need to make another weak contribution to my favorite website. So I think it's fairly obvious to all that this team needs some pieces to compete at the major league level. The way I see it, we are losing not Paul Maholm, Brandon Wood, Ryan Doumit, Chris Snyder, Derrek Lee, Ronny Cedeno, Steve Pearce,  but we are losing what they gave the team during the 2011 season in addition to April Charlie Morton and 1st half Kevin Correia. Maholm was a solid number 2 starter wins and losses aside, Correia a solid number 3 for half a season and Morty was an ace in April. Snyder and Doumit combined were a solid offensive catcher and a halfway decent backstop. Brandon Wood brought plus defense at 3rd and was an average bat. Derrek Lee was a solid middle of the order hitter. Ronny Cedeno was a top 10 defensive shortstop and an average bat. Steve Pearce just sucked, although he was hitting the cover off the ball before succombing to injury, and could play first and 3rd.

To sum it up, we need a number 2 starter, solid defensive 3rd baseman with decent bat, solid catcher, top 10 defensive shortstop who can hit a little, a number 3 pitcher for half a season, an ace for a month just to be as competitive as we were last year. The Barajas signing scratches the catcher off the list, every other need is still open. After this awful realization, I did the only sane and rational thing and started by looking at the major league free agent list. Nothing on there that could fill those needs that we are apparently interested in. Ok, so maybe the minor league FA list. Nope. Well ok, so maybe we can make a trade or something. So I decided to compile this list of dumpster diving FA targets, because I like the fact that we actually have what looks like a real top 10 prospect list for the first time I can remember and I want it to stay that way.

So I went team by team based on who might be interested in our extra outfield prospects or pitching prospects. You can look forward to reading what they might be interested in, and what we might be interested in.

Angels  - They have Mike Trout, and a bunch of old dudes in the outfield. I would think they'd be interested in a corner outfielder. As far as guys who might look interesting in a Pirates uniform, Kendry Morales or Mark TrumboAndrew Romine and Hank Conger. Last season after May, Morales got hurt again. Trumbo filled in with a 768 OPS, but could improve on that. Andrew Romine is a switch  hitter, showed improved defense in the minors in 2010 and 2011 and won't play over Aybar or Kendrick. Hank Conger is a switch hitter who is solid defensively, and has offensive potential that has not yet appeared on the big league level. I'd say, Morales pending phsyical and Andrew Romine. Trumbo isn't necessarily better than Hague and Conger might cost too much. From what I've heard, they've asked about Garret Jones a bunch of times. Perhaps we can work something out

Braves - They have Jason Heyward in the outfield and Bourne in center and but in the other corner they have Prado who they are trying to trade and Hinske in left or right. What might we want? How about some starting pitching help. Arodys Vizcaino, Randall Delgado, Brandon Beachy and Mike Minor specifically. Their rotation for next year would be Hanson, Jurjeins, Hudson pencilled in and then some combination of Delgado, Beachy, Minor, Julio Tehran and Arodys Vizcaino. Only two of those guys make the rotation and maybe one is back up. Obviously, we aren't getting Tehran. So that leaves the four I've mentioned, who have all had some success at the major league level. I think something could be worked out there for sure.

Dodgers - They have holes all over the field and they could use relief pitching help since Brockton appears to be breaking down and Kuo is a bit loopy. What might we be interested in? How about Scott Van Slyke? Yes, Andy's kid. He's an outfielder/1st Baseman and he had a breakout 2011 year. He was just added to their 40 man, so they believe he would be selected rule 5, but that doesn't mean he can't necessarily be had.

Nationals - They also need outfielders, and pitching of all forms. We might be interested in Jesus Flores and Ian Desmond.

Ok running out of steam. Let me know what other shiny treasures I might be missing.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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