News Flash: New CBA Shafts Yankees

You heard it here. The new agreement hurts the Yankees. A post on Yankees Fans Unite tells us that the new deal,

despite what many others have said, is not good for big market teams and especially the Yankees.

These are the Bronx Bombers, who paid out bonuses equal to 188% of Slot in 2010 and 175% of Slot in 2011 on high risk-high reward players with signability issues. Sound familiar? (The Bucs spent more than twice as much, paying bonuses equal to 180% of Slot in 2010 and 268% of Slot in 2011.)

Dave Cameron may have asked “Did a Steinbrenner Write the New CBA?" but it doesn't look like that from the Bronx. The poor Yankees. They always pick at the bottom of the draft and often lose high picks due to signing free agents

The only way they can get access to good talent is to draft high risk/high reward, signability guys in later rounds. However, with the new Slotting System and the severe penalties for going over, the Yanks can never do this anymore.

Makes you weep, doesn't it? Since 2007, the Yankees have only signed two First Round Picks (Brackman #30 and Heathcott #29) yet they are 11th in total Draft spending during that time. They did this by giving Mason Williams $1.45 million in Round 4, Greg Bird $1.1 million in round 5, Carmen Angelini $1.0 million in round 10, and big overslot bonuses to guys like Betances, Austin Jackson. Now those days are over.

But they'll still have Latin America, won't they? In 2010 the Mariners spent $6.47 million, the Yankees spent $5.27 million, and the Pirates were fourth at $5.00 million. Next year the cap is $2.9 million. In subsequent years the cap will be smaller for teams that win a lot and larger for teams that don't. So the answer is "No, the Yankees won't."

Personally, I think we should all send some nice gifts to Yankee fans and maybe a card. You know, to show our sympathy.

Actually, I think the blogger at Yankees Fans Unite understands the situation better than most people on this site.

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