Ten Trades (trades 3-4)

I decided to make a ten trade proposals and will give my opinions on if and why I would accept them if I ran both teams. Here’s 3-4. Link to 1-2:

3. Pirates get: Destin Hood, Josh Smoker. Nationals get Alex Presley

Analysis: The Pirates net two talented prospects in this trade proposal and give up the overachieving Alex Presley. I’m saying that as an insult to Presley, I believe he will have an overachieving career, but because he has so much team control left and is coming off a very good season we should look into trading him. His value is high right now and he does not really play a position of need for the pirates, so he is a good player to trade. We would receive two high upside prospects in return. Destin Hood was a football and baseball star in high school. He passed up football scholarships to sign with the Nationals. He has put up solid numbers and has excellent raw power that he is starting to show off in games. He is likely to start next season in AA and is still just 21. We would also receive josh Smoker, a talented lefty who was moved to the pen this season. He will likely start next season in AA also. He had a lot of strikeouts and a lot walks this past season and was 23 in High-A ball, but is a former first round pick and has very good stuff. He was not drafted in this year’s rule V draft likely because of the fact he would have to jump 2 levels and likely not stick. If I were the pirates I would do this because we have an abundance of speedy and we can trade one of them when his value’s high. I would also do this if ran the Nationals, for they need a centerfielder badly. They would give up none of their top 5 or 7 prospects. Presley would play average D in center (above average range, below average arm with solid instincts and decision making).

Conclusion: The pirates get a pair of high upside prospects and give up a scrappy outfielder with many years of control left. There is definitely a risk that Presley continues or improves production than last season for the next 6 years but it is a risk worth taking.

4. Pirates get: Dominic Brown. Phillies get choice of… Offer 1: Jameson Tallion and Duke Welker. Offer 2: Stenson Allie and Robbie Grossman. Offer 3: Kyle Mcpherson and Robbie Grossman. Offer 4: Dan Grovatt.

Analysis: The Pirates would make a blockbuster trade for the super talented Dominic Brown. He was ranked the forth best prospect by BA going into the season, but struggled. He obviously has the skill but it seems the Phillies are not planning around him, for the recently signed Lance Nix to a two year deal. He joins a logjam in leftfield that includes Brown and Ben Francisco. This means Brown may be available for a discount. He is 6’5 and could easily hit 25-30+ homers when he matures and fills out. He has true 5 tool potential and would not be had cheap. I would expect the Phillies would accept offer 1, but 2 and 3 are also very reasonable. I threw in offer 4 just in case they felt bad for the pirates after the new CBA stopped the Bucs from “disrupting the competitive balance.” I would accept this trade if I ran the pirates because it would fill the void in left that was left by my proposed Presley with a much more talented player with much power. I would expect Brown to play right and Tabata to play left. If I ran the Phillies I would accept offer one because Tallion has potential to start in a rotation even that of the Phillies and Welker has enough potential to be an effective reliever for them.

Conclusion: This would be a huge trade if it went through. It would get the pirates a potential star for a potential ace. I would only do this trade if we traded Presley (or Cutch or Tabata at that. I would much rather trade Presley, though.) The Phillies need a top pitching prospect to replenish their farm system and give them another potential ace when their current aces leave hit free agency.

Also, I plan to write several posts over the next couple weeks. I’m on Christmas break from eighth grade and have been busy with school, sports, friends, girls, parties and all that stuff. BD hasn’t really been first on my list. Maybe I need to get my priorities straight but I kinda like ‘em how they are:)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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