Sporting News Baseball Preview 2011

  I was perusing the magazine aisle at Walmart today, I have that kind of time, and found the annual prediction mags have just arrived.  What better reading material could you have in the mornings after a long evening of fibre rich foods?  I bought a few of them and placed them on the top of the tank for future days of too much cheese, I'm sure you know what I mean...  right Dan?

  Anywho, I started fumbling through the Sporting News addition a little while ago, and in my region it has a big picture of a Washington National on the cover...  bleh.  I'm sure the one in PA has a fathead sized pic of Halladay throwing his 5th perfect game or something.  I get to the Pirates prediction of, "dum dum dummmmmmm", LAST PLACE...  and I'm like, eh.  Whatevs.  But I started digging deeper, actually reading some of the words, and even some of the paragraphs.  I could get used to this. 

 "No Way Out?"...  thats the opening title for the Pirates page.  "it's 18 consecutive seasons and counting for the hapless Bucs and, despite some good young players, the future doesn't look too promising"...  I was speechless.  I just had my whole weekend ruined by one sentence.  It's like when I found out Santa was a sham when pops was up at 3am making sure my Light Bright was working correctly.  Thanks alot, Dad, you wasted one of the pictures testing it out!  Ass! 

  The prediction went on to pretty much bash the squad, bar a few compliments for Pedro and Cutch.  Barely a mention of McDonald and Ohlendorf, whom they say stinks because of only 1 win.  Yeah, its not a team game.  Tabata was only mentioned at being the starting LF. 

  I'm not going to quote the whole article, mainly because my post will be deleted.  But I paid for the mag, so I figure I should at least be able to show how simple some professional writers can be...  roll em!

---- the projected rotation has charlie morton as our #3 starter

----the bullpen contains a Mr Rudy Owens.  never heard of him.  prolly pitched in the Indians pen last year.

----they list Owens as being a 26th round draft pick.  Hopefully OUR rudy owens, drafted 2 rounds later, will be just as good as that rudy owens.  small world, hmm?

----rival scout says "This team still can be counted on to do little more than fill out a schedule.  They gradually improved their roster, but they dont have the depth to draw from their system."

  Anyway, theres also an article in the mag that compares the Yanks to the Bucs in a snidely whiplash kinda fashion.  I wont get into it but comparing the Yanks, and showing a picture of the 7 WS trophies the Steinbrenners have bought, I mean won, with a picture underneath showing two lonely Pirate fans in PNC, is pretty much lazy and thoughtless journalism at the cost of $7.99   (U.S.)

  At least its back in the right room, in case I need something to wipe with.

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