Update: The Gathering II - The Return of the Blogs!

Okay, okay, I'm sorry. This should have been up days, if not weeks ago. So sue me.

Info: The Gathering II will take place on Saturday, June 4 against the Phillies. It is a 7pm game. In addition to Bucs Dugout, there will be members from Pittsburgh Sports Tavern (PST hereafter), RumBunter, Pirates Prospects and maybe more (RTJR, WHYGAVS, PLC [r.i.p.], etc.).

Tailgating will start as soon as the parking gates open (2 pm, IIRC), in Gold Lot #2. The tailgating will be just as much fun as the game, if last year is any indication!

In order to make it as big a party as we possibly can, it is requested (NOT required - don't try to put words into my mouth) that you bring something to add to the merriment, whether it be food, drink, utensils, shade-providing equipment (canopies and big umbrellas are a great thing to have), whatever - the idea is to get a buncha people together and have FUN!

If you do not yet have tickets for the game, please note: The seats for the crew from PST have already been purchased. We are in section 330, rows S & T (seats 1-14 in row S, and seats 1-15 in row T). So, if you want to try to sit together as we did last year, you should try and see if you can get seats in that section...

If you cannot get tickets in that exact area, don't freak out - [A] I'm sure it probably won't be a sellout, so you can move over into the section until the ushers make you move out, if they do at all, and [2} you will have had a chance to hang out with everybody at the tailgate, anyway.

There is a "sign-up" sheet thread over at PST: here, where you can add what you'll be bringing (just copy & paste the list), so we don't have 53 people bringing hot dogs, f'rinstance.

EDITED TO ADD: You don't have to join PST if you'd rather not. You can post whether you are attending and what comestibles you will be bringing here, and I will try to keep it current on their thread, and vice versa.

Also note re: tickets - A lot of people on twitter have links to discount tickets, although I don't know how far in advance they are available. Feel free to email me for discount tickets.

BD / PST member GoldNeck made up some righteous tee shirts last year, and is probably going to do them again this year (with a little noodging). If you are interested, please remark in the comments.

Anything else that I may have forgotten can be addressed in the comments. Let's try to keep the comments pertinent to the event, if possible.


P.S. - a few rec's to keep this thread up top and available would be appreciated.

P.P.S. - Charlie, are you gonna make it this year? ;-)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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