The Gathering II -UPDATE 5/11

All righty, gang -here's the current list of who's bringin' what:

NKy - small table, small grill, havarti cheese/bacon burgers
War Machine - trash bags, plates, forks, spoons etc
Les -
Kipper - beverages
Beezy - beans and macncheese
cocktailsfor2 - vodka, name tags, tampons
Steelreign -
ShayP -
CROSSBONES - 6' table, Bloody mix, some chairs, condiments, clean ice
exNCite -
Benny -
GeoPittsburghFan - small Coleman propane grill and a canopy
moneytalks - macaroni salad, chips, dip
El Sid -
buccoray61 - garden peppers, Hungarian yellow wax chilis, Cherry bombs and Habaneros stuffed with sauerkraut and canned in a sweet pickle brine
ranrod -
bdeff -
bucdaddy / GoldNeck - GOOD beer (and some 'shine) AND AWESOME T-SHIRTS
lfhlaw - soda
BostonBuc - Pepperoni rolls or anything I can get at Smallman St. market that day.


We are still looking for things like:

Hot Dogs / Brats / Sausages and buns (dog & burger-sized)

Coolers and Ice

Water Water Water

Pretzels / Cracker Jack / Peanuts / chips, etc

Add'l condiments - Ketchup, mustard(s), mayo/miracle, salsas / hot sauces, salt, pepper

ROLL paper towels - not napkins, which tend to blow away...

If you can think of anything needed that's been missed, ADD IT!

Do you have a specialty? BRING IT!


Who else is coming that isn't listed above? Do you have your ticket(s) yet?

5 weeks away and counting.....


ETA: Charlie, Vlad, WTM, Troggs, angus, dtoddwin, gorillakilla, Schide, maguro...

Waiting for yunz to chime in, here.

Also, the rest of you regulars, and the ones who last year said, "Definitely next year!"


ETA 5/11:  I have been informed by PST that there are 3 (THREE) tickets available for the game - $10 each. Please email me STAT if you want any or all of them!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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