UPDATED 5/31 About The Gathering II - The Return

A week and a day until the event! I hope you're ready!

This is the most up-to-date list I have on who's bringing what - if I've omitted you, or you are changing what you're bringing, please copy / paste and make any change needed.


NKy - small grill, brats of multiple varieties, scallops, Rumplemintz and other alcohol
War Machine - trash bags, plates, forks, spoons etc
Les - Pizza (maybe?).... Just no "light" shit....
Kipper beverages, tables
Beezy - beans and macncheese
cocktailsfor2 - vodka, name tags, tampons
Steelreign - mustard, ketchup, light mayo, Linenkugles
CROSSBONES - table or two, Bloody mix, some chairs, left out condiments, clean ice, buns
exNCite - burgers
Benny - waterless soap-2 bottles
GeoPittsburghFan - small Coleman propane grill and a canopy
El Sid -
buccoray61 - garden peppers, Hungarian yellow wax chilis, Cherry bombs and Habaneros stuffed with sauerkraut and canned in a sweet pickle brine
ranrod - bottled water
bdeff -cheese plate and sliced cheese for burgers
bucdaddy / GoldNeck - GOOD beer (and some shine)
lfhlaw - soda
BostonBuc - Pepperoni rolls or anything I can get at Smallman St. market that day.
Crossbones' guests - sliced and chopped onions and sliced toms for burgers and dogs, paper towels
Zadoras - Chips / salty snax
lighthouse913 - grill, extra chairs/ice and coolers, a couple bottles of diet coke and a some odd liquors that got left unopened at a party, plastic cups.
Charlie - brats and buns


Things you might want to bring for yourself and / or others:

Chairs - people will need to sit. If you've got an extra folding chair or beach chair or summat, please consider bringing it.

Sunscreen - you may well end up being in the sun for 4+ hours. Be smart.

Water - see above.

A roll of TP - you can never trust the port-o-johns.

Wet Naps / Wipes - for your and others' hands after eating some of this insanely good  food!

Your baseball glove - derp.


NOTES, Odds 'n' Ends: As previously mentioned, we will be in Gold Lot #2 which, if I'm not mistaken, opens at 11 or 12. The price for parking goes up after 12:30, IIRC - please someone help me out on this?  According to NKySteeler from PST:

Steelreign... Last year I was the first one there to start the set-up. bdeff followed shortly thereafter, then WVkeeper... I got there about 12:30 and will probably plan on the same time, as I will be driving 300 miles from Cincinnati that morning before the event and don't want to get up before sunrise to start my drive. Besides, 5-6 hours is plenty of time to get hammered for me... LoL!

I think it is lot "2" or the "gold" lot... Either way, as you loop around Heinz Field and pass "Bettis' Grill 36" on your right, it's the first lot on the left (we'll pass-out cell phone numbers as the event gets closer). As you enter the lot, go to the back right corner along the guard rail. Canopys are not allowed in the parking lot, so we set it up just over the guard rail on the sidewalk... When I got there last year, the lot was basically empty but there were 2 groups already set-up for tailgating... They also use the lot for general parking and for folks eating at "Grill 36".

Beezy was real close on the times... The lot opens at either 11 or 12 I think, and they start charging for event parking at 2pm. (at least that is what I recall. I paid the cheaper amount and it was after 12... If anyone is going to a game between then and now, please verify this for us)... But yea, you want to get into the lot before then to save a few bucks and not have to park where told.

A point worthy of note: The lot attendant told us that if there is someone obviously coming in to tailgate for the game they are supposed to be charged the event price regardless of whatever time it is... I sorta laughed, tossed my hat in the backseat and started to take my jersey off, then he just motioned us on through... Other attendants may not be as nice, so I plan on putting my jersey and hat on AFTER I get there... Ha Ha!

We will be parking along the back edge of the lot, adjacent to the sidewalk, so that we can put up a canopy (they do not allow them in the lot itself). I already have some of your phone numbers - you are encouraged to email me and give me yours (or someone else who's coming) so that we can coordinate parking as we arrive, to stake out the most spaces possible.


Tickets - At this point, I believe that there are 2 tickets left in the group section where we'll be sitting. If you want 'em, speak up now!

ALSO NOTE: If you don't have tickets in the group section, that doesn't mean you can't come to the GATHERING! The whole point of this is to get everybody together for food and beverages - the game itself is secondary! We'll be having people from at least 4 blogs (BD, PST, RTJR and RumBunter) there, from at least 4 different states, talking Pirates' baseball! We want to meet you / see you again / raise a glass !!

I am working on having a "surprise guest" swing by and chat with the horde at some point - details as they happen.

GoldNeck will be posting about the t-shirts at some point, I imagine.


If I've forgotten anything, please add it in the comments.


Also, a few Rec's will keep this up at the top for a few days. Thx.

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