10 reasons to take Rendon!

With under a half an hour until the Pirates make one of their most important decision in years I'm still not convinced like the rest of you that we are taking Cole. I think theres still a small chance we take Rendon, and I'm holding out hope. I don't think theres any way you can take Cole with this pick.  Heres why:

1. Too much risk involved with Cole. Even more so than Rendon even with the existing injuries. Tommy John or any arm surgery for Cole could completely derail his career. He threw a ton of innings at UCLA making it very likely. Just look at prior drafts...

2. Experts don't even have Cole as the top ranked pitcher in this draft let alone top ranked player. I don't believe his ceiling is as high as everyone thinks it is. So even if he does stay injury free and makes it through the system (which is doubtful) I view him as a number 3 starter.

3. Seems very similar to Bullington. Bullington never threw as hard in the minors as he did in college thus he was never affective. Coles affectiveness relies heavily on his velocity. Bullingtons velocity somehow disappeared, and I suspect Coles to drop considerabely. Cole already lacks plus-command, so a drop off in velocity will be magnified greatly with his poor command, and ability to locate secondary pitches.

4. I know you never draft on need, but this year is the exception. The pirates minor league is pretty loaded with high ceiling pitchers (not as polished as Cole, but as talented). There are no impact bats in our minor league system right now. There are huge holes in the infield for the Pirates right now, and no way are we going to be able to fill them through free agency. We have to fill those holes through the draft...

5. Alot of people are skeptical of drafting Rendon, because we already have Pedro. Well Pedro has'nt even established himself as an everyday player yet. Think what the roster will look like in the coming years if Pedro is a bust.

6. Alot of people think Rendon projects as a second basemen. I don't care where he plays. He has a plus glove. Just think of the infield of Rendon, Walker, and Alvarez (if he can live up to the hype). Put Walker at 3rd, Rendon at 2nd, Pedro at 1st. Put Alvarez at 1st, Rendon at 3rd, Walker at 2nd. Leave Alvarez at 3rd, put Rendon at 2nd, move Walker to 1st. It really does'nt matter...

7. I truely view Rendon as Pujols-esque. I think he lacks the power of a Pujols, but he could always develop that with a professional training program. I think he has the eye and quick hands that only comes around every so often. It's also something you can't teach. I think Rendon will win gold gloves and batting titles. You can't pass on that...

8. I'm not at all concerned with Rendons injuries. Obvisouly I have'nt seen or heard much about his medical records, but I don't think there at all as bad as every one is making them out to be because he is still playing. If it was at all major he would've been shut down all together. Once he has time to rest/heal I think he will be 100% with no lingering affects or set backs down the road...

9. Backlash from fans. If the Pirates draft Cole, and not Rendon and Rendon goes on to become Pujols II fans will be outraged. If the Pirates draft Rendon, and Cole goes on to become an Ace/Cy Young winner I think fans will be fine with that, and believe they truely took the best player possible.

10. I know pitching and defense wins championships, but I believe a position player is always going to be more valuable than a pitcher. A position player is out there everyday contributing. Cole is only going to pitch every 5th day...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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