Comprehensive Guide To Creating The Ultimate Pirates Twitter

For those of you who know me, I'm 21 and in college, which means I'm automatically hip to this Twitter game, which I know some of you are not. The main thing I want to establish with this is how to help you guys create a Twitter account that is tailored towards all things Pittsburgh Pirates. If already have an account, here is how you can enhance it. That's the beauty of Twitter - it compiles the most up-to-date news, opinions and stories all being relayed to your feed without typing in a single URL or Google search. Also, what I think a lot of the older generation doesn't realize is that you don't have to do a single tweet to be on Twitter. You can simply follow other people's tweets and take in information. I did this for my friend who hasn't tweeted a single thing yet, and doesn't really know how to use the site past the update feed button and how to follow new accounts, and he loves it. If you have and maintain a Facebook, you can maintain a Twitter. It's pretty simple.

Why Twitter Is So Great For A Pirates Fan (Or A Die-Hard Fan Of Any Team):

Twitter has given us access to the everyday lives of celebrities and athletes in a way that has never been seen before. I get to see Neil Walker's thoughts whenever he wants to relay them to the world, not just when a reporter is talking to him. That interests me. It may not interest some of you, but it does interest me. It also gives me neat little details about players on the team, such as that James McDonald and Daniel McCutchen spent their off day fishing together recently. Or, here's something cool - I see every day on Twitter that Josh Harrison retweets almost every fan request sent to him. That's pretty cool, and shows a lot about who Josh is as a person.

As for following media members, Twitter is a great tool because they are starting to move away from writing their daily opinion pieces on games and shifting toward tweeting. Journalists also are beginning to break their news first on Twitter. In addition, whether it be the athlete or a media member, you get to see a bit more to the man behind the bat or glove or helmet or puck or newspaper column.

So Without Further Ado, I Present The Essential Pirates Twitter Account:

Seriously, just simply create an account if you do not have one already, click on these links below and click on the green "FOLLOW" box and you're set. It's that easy.

Pittsburgh Pirates:
Joel Hanrahan
Paul Maholm
Daniel McCutchen
Evan Meek
Matt Diaz
Neil Walker
Josh Harrison
Daniel Moskos
Chase d'Arnaud
Tony Watson

On the Farm:
Jameson Taillon
Rudy Owens
Zack Von Rosenberg
Jeff Locke
Quincy Latimore
Aaron Pribanic
Mike Colla
Brock Holt
Phillip Irwin
Aaron Baker
Brooks Pounders
Corey Wimberly
Dusty Brown
Garrett Olson
Evan Chambers
Justin Wilson

Official Team Accounts:
Pittsburgh Pirates
Indianapolis Indians
Altoona Curve
Bradenton Maruders
West Virginia Power
State College Spikes

Media Essentials:
Dejan Kovacevic (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
Colin Dunlap (Former PPG beat writer)
Jenifer Langosch (Pirates reporter for
Rob Biertempfel (Tribune-Review beat writer)
Bill Brink (PPG beat writer)
David Todd (our very own 104.7 radio host)
Kristy Robinson (OVA Athletics Pirates Reporter)

Other Fantastic Pirates Resources:
Scott McCauley (Indianapolis Indians radio announcer)
Matt Bandi (columnist at Pirates Prospects)
MLBTR Pirates (MLBTR feed dedicated to Pirates)
RaiseTheJollyRoger (fan site)
WHYGAVS (fan site)
BucsDugout (no explanation needed)
Pirates Prospects (fan site; account maintained by Tim Williams)
ThreeRiversBlog (fan site)
McEffect (fan site)
Rumbunter (fan site)
North Side Notch (fan site)
Stealing First Base (fan site)

Other Great Baseball-Related Accounts:
Fangraphs (for those of you who live and breathe SABR)
Baseball Reference (See above)
Ben Badler (Baseball America)
Jim Callis (Baseball America)
Ken Rosenthal (FOX MLB reporter; excellent account for breaking news)
Keith Law (ESPN baseball writer)
Steve Berthiaume (of Baseball Tonight. Great account, interacts with fans, knowledgeable and tweets often about the Pirates)
Mark Mulder (Baseball Tonight)
Aaron Boone (Baseball Tonight)
Barry Larkin (Baseball Tonight)
John Kruk (Baseball Tonight)
Rob Neyer (SB Nation SABR Expert)
Kevin Goldstein (ESPN and Baseball Prospectus)

Let me know if any of these links are not working.

If any of you know of any other accounts that I am missing, just drop a line in the replies and I'll add them if they're relevant. If you already have an account, well, hopefully I just helped enhance it. Anyway, go out and enjoy the vast world of Twitter, Buccos fans!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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