Why the Pirates should NOT be buyers at the deadline.

Why should the Pirates NOT be buyers at the deadline, well what are we exactly trying to accomplish at the deadline really.  It doesn't take rocket science to know we need to upgrade our offense, but is the price of a few prospects worth it? 

After going through the gamethread, seeing the final score, and learning that Pence is now joining the Phillies, is it really worth it.  I mean really think it over.  The Giants just won the World Series last year, they just got Beltran, the Phillies are a perrenial WS contender, they just got Pence.  The Brewers have added Lopez and Krod.  The Cardinals just got some help and are looking for more at SS.  The Braves appear ready to add a piece to help their chances. 

Not to be pessimistic here, but what chance do we really have against any of them come playoff time.  Yes, yes of course playoffs are a different animal, once you get there anything can happen but is it worth it?  Are a few chips out of the bag worth losing for a starving fan base.  See I don't know but I'm starting to think that it's not worth it. 

Sure, winning the division will do wonders for the players, the city, the fans and just everything in general.  Its something to hang our hats on and say yeah, we did it.  But we may be able to accomplish this same feat and not lose anything.  We've hung tough all year, why can't we still hang tough without making a move?  Could these possible "prospects" that were clamouring to trade be more useful in say 2013 or 2014 when we need to make a deal? More prospects will always be coming in, but, the main culprites we are discussing now in trades generally revolve at some point or another around players in the lower minors, who in 2 yrs will have more pedigree and could be more valuable in a trade to help better the MLB roster at a time when we all believe we'll be better suited for a playoff run.

We can still have a succesfull and winning season without giving up a penny.  Just look at the schedule the rest of the way through. 

These are games against teams below us in the overall standings.  Now disregarding the possibility of a sweep and assuming 4 game series are split, lets for this posts sake assume we take 2 of 3 in each series.  I have us at 19-11 against these opponents.  A fair estimate.  Add that to our current record you get 73-61.

Now agains the rest of the schedule we have

  • 3 vs Giants
  • 10 vs Brewers
  • 3 vs Dbacks
  • 10 vs Cardinals

These are against teams higher than us in the overall standings.  Now lets "say we go 1-1 against the Phils after tonight" and again assume a 4 game series split, as well as 1-2 in 3 game series we have: 11-17 record.  Good for an overall on the year of 84-78.

Now yes, I know we can't guess at games two months down the road, but big picture, at the beginning of the year if I would have told you this team could go 84-78 and keep all of its prospects, hardly anyone would have believed it.  Yet here we are, with nothing more than waiver claims and some minor league deals, we have a team thats in the thick of it, and could realistically still be winners without moving anyone. 

UPDATE: As a post a few replies below its becoming clear to me.  Would one "moderate" upgraded bat really be enough here.  The obvious answer is no, it wouldn't be.  The Pirates best chances of doing damage into October this year still rely on the return of Presley, Doumit (who might not even play over Fort), Tabata, Ohlie, even Snyder and Meek.  Add in the fact that Pedro has to be better than his awful start to the season and then add in the addition of a trade deadline move and then the Pirates may get to the magic number of what I'm guessing is to be about 90 wins.  Again, are a few decently sized up prospects worth it for a "moderate" upgrade.

UPDATE 2:  I am not raising the white flag or throwing in the towel.  Read for context please.  I am simply stating in the entire post that are a few our prospects worth it to make a marginal upgrade at a position of need.  It appears that a slight upgrade would give us give or take 2-3 wins? Thats a little big on the overvaluing side too.  Will 2-3 extra wins turn us into the division champs, its highly doubtful.  We can still have a successful season and not trade anyone is the point.  AGAIN PLEASE READ FOR CONTEXT.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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