Why I'm Glad Cutch Got snubbed along with a few other deserving players

Now over the past few days we have all gripped at great lengths about how cutch, karstens, KC, all were deserving to take the trip to this years all star game.... but there is a silver lining to every snub.....

Silver Linings......



Cutch:  Dude is going to need a few days off at some point. 162 games is a long road, being that the bucs are now *say it with me* +4 and a game and a half out as of this posting, whatever rest he can get I'm all for it. Hell, i'd even foot the bill for the massage therapist (sry cutch no happy endings for outta work bud)


KC and Karstens:


At 11-6, and ERA floating around 3.7 if there maybe one player more then cutch deserving to go its KC. Somebody else would have to enlighten me as to if he would even be available to pitch on said day, but regardless he still deserves the nod. You sir are a stud and deserving of recognition. So with that said TAKE A DAY AWAY FROM THE GAME!!!!!!! There is no single more valuable player in sports (and we can argue this till we blue in the face) then a starting pitcher who can give you 6 or 7 innings of 2 run ball give or take. Just as there is no more fragile (must be Italian) appendage then the pitchers arm...although I'm sure there are arguments out there to the contrary. Taking an extra day or three to relax, check out the city and all the pirates crap in every store front window goes along way to keeping a guys head in the game so to speak. The same could be said for Karstens, a meager 2.6 ERA as well as an equally meager 6 wins (good job bats, way to screw your buddy), make JK a long shot in anybody's book, but regardless he deserved more consideration then he may have received.



the long story short is that yeah it sucks the guys who are deserving of recognition got screwed, but id rather have them chillin in Pittsburgh then a freak injury derailing the second half of the season. The light is at the end of the tunnel as far as the injury front goes, and loosing anyone of these guys would just kill our chances at not only making a run at 500, but *gasp* a play off push as well. The organization has finally figured out how to win in the face of some just killer bad luck. The injuries this club has taken on the chin would drop most others. Lets get them healthy, and make the big run in august and September, and hopefully for the first time in a LONG LONG time, we can be interested in baseball in October, for our team....not a player we like on another team...pretty cool if i do say so myself.




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