More Trade Fun!

With the trade deadline appro... oh who am I kidding. Screw an introduction.

Personally, I think we should only trade to fill two major "holes."  I think those holes are SS and 1B.  I think our OF is fine, even with Tabata on the DL.  I don't see a catcher out there who's much better than a McHenry, JJ, Fryer combo, and that's only until Doumit gets back.  I'll take Pedro over anything we can rent at 3B, and if he never produces, just play Brandon Wood there.  Even though Ronny has been solid, I'd like to upgrade at SS and upgrade Overbay (and his -0.6 WAR according to fangraphs) at first.  For all of these I consider Tony Sanchez, Starling Marte, Luis Heredia, Jameson Taillon, and Stetson Allie untouchable.


I think J.J. Hardy would be a good addition. Hardy is currently on pace for over 4.0 WAR, he's always been talented, and he's had two 4.0+ WAR seasons before, so I believe he can keep it up.  He won't be cheap (as far as prospects) but he won't be Reyes or Matt Kemp expensive.  If the O's would take a Lincoln, Presley, Grossman/Mercer package, I'd say pull  the trigger.  Maybe pay a bit more, but much not more, as he's only a 3 month rental at the moment.

Stephen Drew is another possibility.  He's on his way to a similar season, although he hasn't been too impressive with the stick.  On the upside he's controlled through 2013, but on the downside that  may inflate his value.  Maybe Lincoln, Presley, D'Arnaud for Drew.

First Base

First base is oddly shallow this year as far as trade possibilities.

Daric Barton is a buy low candidate. He's worth negative WAR right now, but is young, gets on base and plays tremendous D.  His 5.1 WAR season last year was mainly due to his defense, but he posted a respectable .359 wOBA.  That's down significantly this year, but that's due in part to a .260 BABIP compared to a career .294 line. A's might not sell since his stock was down, but if they did he shouldn't cost too much. He's also controlled through 2014

Gaby Sanchez is having a great year. By way of above average hitting and defense, he's on pace for a 5.0+ WAR season.  Even though he's almost 28, I'd open up the farm a bit more for him as a 1B with good plate discipline, decent power, and good defense who's controlled through 2015.

Michael Morse is having a decent season.  He's not great with the glove, but would provide power from 1B.  He's controlled through 2013, and the Nationals might be willing to move him for a decent price. 


Crazy Stuff

The headline title says it all. I'm really interested in getting responses to this by the way, as I love these type of hypothetical trades.

If you are the GM of the Pirates, and GM of the Braves calls you and says "Hey, is McCutchen on the block; we need a CF and the last one you gave us was a bum." You reply, "Heck no, he isn't [pause], why?" The other GM responds, "Just wondering, I was going to offer Juilo Teheran, Randall Delgado, Edward Salcedo, and Jordan Schafer; Call me back if you have any interest." Before you respond he hangs up.

You began to lean back in your chair, your head hurting, when the phone rings again. This time it's the GM of the Texas Rangers.  He says "Hey, I was wondering if we could somehow pry McCutchen off of you guys." He waits as you don't respond in disbelief.  Awkwardly he continues, "Uhhh.. so ya, I was thinking Jurickson ProfarMartin Perez, Michael Olt and Luke Jackson..." You still can't respond, so he thanks you for your time (again awkwardly) and hangs up.

You sit back and began to think. Who do you call back? Both teams, the Rangers, the Braves, neither?

I'll wait a bit, think about it myself some more, and then offer my input.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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