I really hate the Milwaukee Brewers

The Pirates got swept again this weekend by the Milwaukee Brewers. How many losses in a row is that to that team now? I've lost track. I suppose I could go research it, but does it really make any difference what the exact number is at this point?

I cannot stand the Brewers. There isn't a team in baseball I hate more than them. They have arrogant players like Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun--two guys who like to show-off and rub it in their opponents faces. And when they're not showing off, they're whining. Especially Braun. "Oh, I got hit by a pitch. Please do something about it!"

Anyway, this kind of dominance reminds me of how the New York Mets used to own the Pirates in the mid-to-late 80's. At the height of the dominance, 1986, the Mets won 17 out of 18 games against the lowly, last-place Buccos.

The Mets had jerk-faces on their team like Darryl Strawberry, Len Dykstra and Dwight Gooden. Gooden showed such disrespect for the Pirates in 1987, he called them a little league team.

As I said, the Brewers dominance over the Pirates is starting to become downright disgusting.

It wasn't long-ago that the Brewers were no-better than the Pirates and had a long-streak of losing seasons in their own right. They were a fellow small-market team that Pirates fans could point to and say, "well, at least we're not the Brewers." Boy have times changed.

Now that the Brewers have righted their ship and have started to put some winning seasons together, to repeat, they're pretty unbearable.

The Brewers remind me of those neighbors that live down the street. They're not really rich, but they're slightly more well-off than the rest of the neighborhood, and this has totally gone to their heads and has made them the snobs of the block.

They're always inviting everyone over to see their new pool just so they can show-off. They think they're so cool because they can have pool parties. Big deal, their pool isn't that great; it's an above-ground pool for God's sake. And there are always dead June-bugs floating around in the water. Yuck!

They see you on the street and ask you how you're doing, but they don't really care how you're doing. They just want to tell you about their latest triumph in life. And when you tell them about your struggles, they pat you on the shoulder and tell you "you'll get there!"

Get where? Screw you, snooty neighbors!

What the slightly more well-off neighbors down the street need to realize is they're only a lay-off away from being in the same boat as the working-class folks on their street.

The Brewers have been riding-high for a while now and totally flaunting it in the Pirates' faces. Soon, they will realize the pitfalls of life in a small-market when guys like Fielder start leaving for the Yankees or Red Sox. Once Fielder sees that New York has an in-ground pool complete with a diving-board, he'll totally forget about small-market Milwaukee and their above-ground swimming pool.

I can't wait for the day when the Pirates turn the tide on the Fielder-less Brewers. It's going to happen, don't you worry.

Those "little league" Pirates of the late 80's eventually overtook the Mets for supremacy in the National League East. And when these current Pirates do the same to the Brew Crew, I hope they pull their shirts out (or whatever the hell the Brewers like to do to show-up their opponents after a big win), light up a cigar on the pitchers mound, and make Braun fetch them a nice, cool glass of lemonade.

I really hate the Brewers.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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