my thoughts on pirates players and prospects

Here are a few thoughts about the bucs players.

Garret Jones: I dont know why people hate on him.  Yes he strikes out alot and struggles against lefties but he's a quality power bat in a popless lineup and has good OPS.  He mashes righties and should start every day until presly returns and start against righties until Lee comes back.


Neil Walker: I know he's the home town kid (which doesn't really matter) and hits for a decent average but it's a pretty empty average and he dosen't walk. he plays below average defense and is overated.  I'm not saying he's terrible he just isn't a 4th or 5th hitter.  He's is a fan draws people to the ball park.  He gives it his all and gets rbis.  He just isn't a star or someone you he is a supporting player.


Brandon Wood: I like him. he plays above average D at third and average at short. hes been swinging a solid bat since june and I love his versitility. He may never be a starter but he's a good bat off the bench that plays many positions and has good pop and isn't afraid to draw a walk.  that more than makes up for his low average and remember he still has the upside to be a power hitting starter at short or third.


Ryan Ludwick:  When the pirates aquired ryan Ludwick you might have thought it's a good deal for us, we didn't give up any legit prospects and we got a potenial impact bat.  think again Ludwick stock has gone downhill since 2008 and he will cost us around $2.5- $3 million.  Luis herida cost $2.6 mil. So let me ask you a question would you rather sign another luis herida type prospect with lots of potential or a left fielder who i'm not sure is any better than Xavier Paul?

Thoghts on our prospects

Wes Freeman: He is super talented.  He has plus power and solid defensive tools.  he wasted the first three years of his career but has put it together this year and flashed his potential.  He still has major contact issues and poor disipline but I consider him a top 30 prospect because he has starter potential.  I don't  care that he is extremely likely to be a bust and may never reach because it doesn't matter if a guy has a better chance to reach the if won't be any good because he have no talent.  Just because you can put up a decent era or be like Josh Harrison in AAA dosen't a better prospect than freeman.  This kid has talent.


Jared Cunningham:  I know he plays bad D.  I know he doesn't walk. I know he strikes out a lot but the kids simply  a good hitter.  I could see him being a .260 45 doubles 25 homerun hitter in the bigs one day.  He just crushes the ball and if he can find a way to stay at second base and improve his plate approach he becomes very valuable there is a lot of bust potential but I like him.


jordy mercer: I find him intresting.  He's in AAA.  He hitting for solid power.  He plays SS and is good at it.  He isn't a walk machine but he gets his fair share.  He dosen't strike too much.  His average is a slight concern but his other skills make up for it.  I could see him putting up a .240/.310/.420 line thats not bad for a player who plays solid defense at a prime.  So I'm not sure why he is'nt getting recingnized as one of our better prospects

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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