Winning Season?

When can Pirate fans expect one?

A number of thoughts and observations:

- Since their high point on July 19 (51-44, .537), the Pirates have been downright awful (11-29, .275).

- Not only have their results been awful, but they have looked awful while producing those results.

- It appears that the performance of the rotation during the first half was mostly mirage. I don't see compelling evidence that we can expect improvement (or a repeat of the first half) next season.

- The so-called "Altoona Four" have been disappointing, with Owens on the DL after a mediocre season, and Morris and Wilson demoted to the bullpen. Only Locke has continued to show promise as a starter.

- Alvarez is showing no signs of finding himself at Indy. The only other position player in the high minors who has looked good is Marte. But since he's an outfielder, it appears that the best hope we have is trading an outfielder for someone to fill another hole.

- Many of our other prospects have been disappointing (e.g. Sanchez).

- All those pitching phenoms drafted by Huntington are in the low minors.

- In terms of players acquired through trades and acquisitions, it appears that Huntington's primary process has been to throw a whole bunch of players against the wall and hope that a few stick. Unfortunately, the vast majority slid down off the wall. (To list them here would consume too many keystrokes.) We need better (from both the GM and the players he acquires).

- The last 40 games have demonstrated that Hurdle and Searage are not the saviors many of us had hoped they would be.

Bottom line: Seems to me that we should expect a regression in team performance next season. Since our 19th consecutive losing season is all but guaranteed this year, 2012 seems likely to be #20.

I could use a dose of optimism. When do you expect the Pirates to have a winning season and why??

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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