How has the farm system fared this season?

I wanted to get some perspective on how our farm system has fared overall this season. I took Sickels' list of 2011 Prospects and then determined whether their performance has caused their stock has gone up (+) or down (-) this season. ++ means stock way up, -- means stock way down, = means stock is steady, =+ slightly up etc. The letter grade next to the name indicates Sickels' grade before this season. The ungraded guys were "also worth noting" guys.

Taillon, B+, =+
Allie, B, -
Sanchez, B, --
Owens, B, --
Heredia, B-/B, -
Locke, B-, -
Moreno, B-, -
ZVR, B-, --
JWilson, B-, =-
Marte, B-/C+, ++
Morris, C+, =-
Cain, C+, +
Holt, C+, =+
Kingham, C+, +
Watson, C+, =
Chambers, C, =+
Dodson, C, +
Hernandez, C, +
Rojas, C, =-
D'Arnaud, C, =
Alderson, +
Avila ?
N Baker ?
Bishop --
Black ?
Cayonez --
Cunningham ++
Curry ++
Friday --
Grossman ++
Harrison +
Irwin +
Lambo --
Mercer =+
Miller --
Moskos =+
Presley ++
Stevenson ?

Adding them all up I got:

21.5 minuses
20.5 plusses

So on the whole, the system stayed constant, nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Obviously, our top-10 prospects were generally disastrous this season but some of the lower ranked guys stepped up big and established themselves. This doesn't factor in newcomers like Cole or guys who are having encouraging debuts in the GCL like Hansen and Osuna, either. If we manage to sign Bell our system could look pretty good.  My rough guess at the list/grades is after the jump

Cole, A-
Taillon, B+/A-
Marte B+
Bell B/B+
Grossman B
Curry B/B-
Dickerson B/B-
Cain, B/B-
Kingham, B-
Cunningham B-
Heredia, B-/C+
Hague, B-/C+
JWilson, B-/C+
Allie C+
Locke, C+
Dodson, C+
Sanchez C+
Owens, C+
Hansen C+
Osuna C+
Chaser, C+
Morris, C+/C
Holt, C+/C
Hernandez, C
Chambers C
Rojas, C
Moreno, C
Alderson, C

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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