Replacing your 2011 Pirates, bWAR style.

I wasn't too sure if this has been done yet this offseason but I figured it will be a nice compaitive to loook at. After the jump I'll compare the main players that were with the 2011 Pirates to their replacements in 2012. I plan on leaving out the bullpen as so many players were in an out, up and down from AAA that its tough to gauge exactly what the bullpen will be like for the entire season.

Position: Catcher (2011 bWAR)

Starters Lost: Doumit (1.2)
Snyder (0.8)

Likely Replacements: Barajas (1.4)
McKenry (-0.1)

+/- WAR = -0.7

Interesting to note that Barajs played in 98 games last year, McKenry 58. They could see something similar like this type of duty in 2012, so there 2011 bWAR does not need adjusted.

Position: Firstbase

Starters Lost: Overbay (-0.7)
Lee (0.8)

Likely Replacements: Jones (1.1)
McGehee (-1.0)

+/- WAR = 0

It wouldn't be uncommon to see McGehee have a much better season than he did in 2011. Thats what the Pirates are hoping for at this point. Jones made 29 starts at 1B last season.

Position: ShortStop

Starters Lost: Cedeno (1.6)

Likely Replacements: Barmes (2.9)

+/- WAR = +1.3

Barmes power may be diminished at PNC, but his defense and good judgement in the field and on the basepaths will be less of a headache over Cedeno, although, what is better, less headache or better play all around. This is a position to keep our eyes on this season.

Position: Starting Pitcher

Starters Lost: Paul Maholm (2.6)

Likely Replacements: Erik Bedard (1.8)

+/- WAR = -0.8

For Bedard its always a question of health. He comes to the NL where he stands a better chance at putting up much improved numbers. When healthy is a front line starter, the problem is, he hasn't been healthy since his days in Balt. If he can stay on the field this year, I can see him having a 3-4 WAR season. Until then, we must wait and see.

Grand Total: A whopping -0.2 bWAR added to the roster.

Pretty lateral to say the least. Although, a strong chance for McGehee to bounce back and platoon with Jones for a nice addition at first. Bedard being healthy will go along way too. But these signings weren't meant to get us over the hill anyways. And I have no problem with that. These signings were made to fill the gaps in our roster for 2012. For this team to see improvement, the teams needs players such as Alvarez, McCutchen, Tabata, Walker, Presley to continue to grow.

Alvarez (-1.4) - With any luck and good fortune Pedro puts up a respectable 2 WAR this year. That is a 3.4 WAR turn around from last year. Instantly bumping this team up the ladder.

McCutchen (5.5) - A huge fall off after July. Again with any good progress, Cutch should be on the brink of stardom with a shot at a 6-7 WAR season. Again this would pay off huge for the Pirates, as it would be a 1.5 WAR increase.

Tabata (0.1) - Often out with nagging injuries, Tabat moves to RF, where his defense could potentially play better with less room to cover. His offesne dipped, but with some improvement and well played defense I can see Tabata at least reaching the 1.5-2 WAR plateau. A 1.9 WAR increase.

Walker (2.5) - I expect pretty much the same out of Walker this season. His defense was slightly better last year, but I can't see it improving much there. His bat was roughly what I expected from him. So 2- 2.5 WAR for NW again. A simple push or 0 WAR earned.

Presley (1.0) - In just 52 games he got to the 1 WAR mark. Maybe over the course of an entire season and a slight reality check Presley improves but not on his numbers, rather he is steady throughout the season, making him a 2 -2.5 WAR player. A 1.5 increase.

Grand Total: 8.3 WAR. This is where the 2012 Pirates will sink or swim. It is on there shoulders. I suppose I can look at pitching next time. But in my opinion, it is up to these players to turn the Pirates ship around.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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