If I were GM this offseason...

Like alot of you out there I'm very upset at this acquisations or lack thereof this off season. I thought this would be a great off season to build off of last years first half success and put together a team to contend this year in the weak NL central. Granted this off season is'nt over, but as of now this offseason has been a huge fail for Huntington. Not saying he had to go out and spend a ton of money, but I feel there were alot of sensible trades to be made. As most of you know I voiced alot of frustration after the failure to acquire Anthony Rizzo and alot of people asked what I would have done diffferent; so here it is. This is what I would've done different...

1. Re-signed Paul Maholm (I would've gave him a 2/3 year deal for 4/5 mil. per year. Would be a nice back of the rotation/mentor guy when Taillon/Cole arrive.)

2. Signed Erik Bedard (low risk, high reward. Everyone sees him as a cheap replacement to Maholm, but why is management always trying to replace and not add.)

3. Trade Jared Hughes for Chris Iannetta (Have always really liked Iannetta. Has the experience you want from a catcher, but still young enough to be around for awhile. A high OBP guy with some pop is exactly what this team needs; not Rod Barajas.)

4. Trade Robbie Grossman and Kyle McPherson for Anthony Rizzo (A young impact bat at a position of need for us. Thought it was a no brainer. Would start him in AAA and if Jones is'nt setting the world on fire be quick to call him up.)

5. Trade Kevin Correai and Jeff Locke for Seth Smith (Smith is another guy that I've always really liked. Does'nt have the best splits and is similar to G. Jones but would be a nice addition incase Presley tanks or Tabatas injuries continue. He would see alot of ABs)

6. Sign Taylor Bucholz (Could be another one of those great bullpen signings. Love his curveball. Low risk signing that could put together another season like in 2009. Nice replacement for Veras)

7. Don't over pay for Clint Barmes (I think D'Arnaud showed enough last year when healthy to be the starting SS. We won alot of games with D'Arnaud as a starter. I really like the speed that he brings to the bottom of the lineup. His enthusiasm seems to be contagious. He'll hit more than what he showed with more consistant ABs.)

With that being said; not a ton of money was spent (probably less than what NH actually did spend) and we did'nt sell the farm to acquire any of these players. Our 25 man... Rotation: Maholm, Morton, McDonald, Bedard, Karstens Bullpen: Hanrahan, Meek, Leroux, Bucholz, McCutchen, Resop, Watson, Moskos Infield: Iannetta, McKenry, Jones, Walker, D'Arnaud, Alvarez, McGehee or Josh Harrison Outfield: McCutchen, Tabata, Presley, Smith, Gorkys Hernandez (really like Hernandez; think his speed and defense could be very valuable late in games. More so than Nate McClouth.) I really think this team mentioned above could compete this year. I view the Barajas, Barmes, Mclouth signings as the same old signings that haunt us every year and it frustrates me beyond belief...THOUGHTS?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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