When is it time to give up on

When is it going to be time for the Pirates' FO to abandon the maddening "fastballs till your blue in the face" philosophy with their minor league pitchers? I think Tim W., Vlad, WTM, Charlie, etc. would be able to put a better analysis on this than me, but I'm curious to see what other posters think, as I sometimes read comments where a player is given the obligatory crutch "Player Z's stats can't be taken seriously because he was only focusing on his fastball command".

It's been 4 years of this philosophy and what is there to show for it? To my knowledge, there has not been one pitching prospect that has seen a tangible benefit & stepped forward as a good prospect going forward, though it'd be tough to quantify. Sure the Bucs have a lot of pitchers in their top prospects list, but how many are based on potential, rather than performance.

A couple related thoughts:

- If anything, I think this philosopy has damaged the confidence and development of many pitchers, especially the ones that have came in from other organizations, namely Alderson & Morris (just my opinion).

- Allowing pitchers to get their brains beat in also adversly effects the trade values to other teams.

- How many of the pitchers in the majors succeed on soley their fastball command these days? I can't think of many, while it's definitely part of the equation, the offspeed mix and command thereof seems to be the seperator between the league average and the exceptional.

- Focusing on one pitch, and avoiding secondary pitches seems like we're filtering the pitchers to the bullpen long term

blah blah blah what ever, we're all just wasting our time anyways (grumpy bc of this offseason snoozefest & too much wine)

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