What the Pirates could do with 5 Million to spend

Now that the Pirates FO has come out and said that they will only have about 5 million to spend, I decided to take a look at who we could probably get for 5 million.


JP Arencibia, Pre-ARB- The best option here but the hardest to acquire. 2.5 WAR past two seasons and 24 years old(FA in 2017).

Hank Conger, Pre-ARB- You guys know the story, good bat, decent glove. Hasnt produced in MLB yet, however.

Miguel Olivo, 3 million team option(750 k buyout)- Terrible in Seattle but career .700 OPS with 34% CS rate.

Sebastian Valle, Pre-ARB- Not sures he is ready, but with Ruiz there and Joseph there he's probably able to be had.

Hector Sanchez, Pre-ARB- Backup catcher for Giants,22, been known to be able to hit in minors.

George Kottaras, ARB 1- Non-tender candidate, great bat but atad better than Barajas w/ glove.

That sums up all the catchers I would want under 5 million. Arencibia and Valle might not be available as well as Sanchez but It might make sense for their respective teams to make them available. Olivo is the only one thats gonna be over a million, but hes the most proven. I personally would roll with Sanchez(Tony) and the Fort as that wouldnt cost us anything.

The rest of the infield looks good so Im gonna skip to Starting Pitching.

Joe Blanton, FA- Has posted an ERA around 5 the past 3 years. However, his SIERA has been much less than his ERA. For example, his SIERA was 3.48 this year! If thats his true self, and we can get him for 5 million or less, this could be a hell of a steal.

Jorge De La Rosa-11 million option, 1 million buyout- Remember him? The guy we "almost" got. Well, he suffered TJ sugery and was out for almost all of 2012. I'm confident he would take an offer of 1 year, 4 mill to get his career back on track.

Jeremy Guthrie, FA- Jeremy was terrible, as you might expect, for the Rockies posting an ERA of 6.35 in 90 innings. However, his next 90 innings for the Royals were night and day as he pitched to a 3.16 ERA. Its worth a shot on a 1 year deal.

Scott Baker/Brandon McCarthy, FA- Might be dreaming here but if we could get either of these guys on 1 or 2 year deals under 5 mill with incentives I'd be estatic.

Lance Lynn, Pre-ARB- St. Louis has a rotation jam and could look to deal Lynn if Shelby Miller or Trevor Rosenthal would make the rotation over him. Lynn was an allstar last season thanks to Tony LaRussa. Unfortunately, Im not sure we have what they want and even if we did I'm not sure theyd trade inside the division. I'd take Joe Kelly off their hands for maybe Holt?

Dan Haren, 15.5 mill 3.5 buyout- Im gonna steal this from another commentator but a Hanrahan, Ramon Cabrera for Conger, Haren makes a ton of sense. Angels are looking for relief help and Hanrahan is just that. IF the Angels sent us 3.5, which is what they wouldve had to pay anyway, then Harens 12 mill- Hanrahans 7 mill= a perfect 5 million. I wouldnt mind sending a couple extra people such as Hughes or Wilson to make up for the 3.5 million. Haren also has a NTC to 12 teams, which makes this fantasy deal a whole lot less likely.

Overall, the SP market is actually pretty good this year and there seems to be alot of bargains out there. Liriano, J. Sanchez, E. Santana if his option is declined also interest me and if all of the above said no I might give Oswalt a shot as well.

I could put relief pitching in here but relievers are a dime a dozen and almost every reliever barring 2 or 3 on the market we could get for under 5 million.

Ultimately, this team has a nice core in place. If we can manage to get a veteran SP to slot behind Wandy and Burnett I dont really see much else we can do besides getting another catcher if Sanchez isnt ready. Oh yea and we need some relief pitching help if Hanrahan leaves but I think Black, Morris, and Wilson could be good for us.

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