Bucs GM for a day

1.The Dodgers seem intent on acquiring a glove at SS. They have holes at SS or 3B, whichever Hanley vacates. Dee Gordon could be the future at the position, but the Dodgers appear (from what info is made available and speculation) to prefer a veteran at SS. Dee was miserable for a lead-off hitter as far as on base percentage They also have substantial depth at SP.

Kershaw - Greinke - Billingsley - Beckett - Capuano - Lilly - Harang. Its been rumored that the Dodgers have inquired about Joel Hanrahan.

Dee Gordon + either the low end pitching depth or a prospect for Barmes and Hanrahan seems feasible to me.

2.If Texas slides Kinsler to 1B, Mike Olt will be hard-pressed for playing time (Profar at 2B). The Rangers are rumored to "very open" to moving the young 3B. The rumors seem to be that if Texas misses out on Greinke, they'd be willing to move Olt for R.A. Dickey, which was rebuffed by the Mets as not enough. (again, I'm only basing this on what i've read and can't attest to the true accuracy). If the Rangers are targeting Dickey, then anyone the Pirates have is probably completely out of the question. The Pirates pay A.J. Burnett $16,500,000 through 2013. I believe McDonald is arbitration eligible (throw Wandy into the conversation as well).

I wonder if Burnett and McDonald for Olt could get that done. I tried to start a Marte for Andrus rumor, but it didn't take. (Polanco similar skill set to replace in future)

Moving Burnett and Barmes clears $20,000,000, which is right around what Josh Hamilton wants per season. (don't sign Russell Martin either). MLB Network hypothesized that the Pirates could be a silent player for Hamilton.


1.Marte LF

2.Hanson 2B

3.McCutchen CF

4.Hamilton RF

5.Olt 3B

6.Alvarez 1B

7.Sanchez C

8.Gordon SS

With their pitching prospects and two top 15 picks in this amateur draft, this is a line-up that competes for the NL Central. I'll take a 60-102 season in 2013 for this trade-off. I don't consider it a great success to go 80-82. They don't hand out trophies for .500 finishes. Trading Burnett (fill with the low-end SP from LAD...Capuano), certainly weakens their team in 2013, but does that matter? Is Capuano any worse than big free agent signing Erik Bedard?

Any thoughts?

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