Evaluating possible fits at RP

Hey guys, I dont think I'm the only one who feels we could use an upgrade or two at the bullpen.

Free Agents:

Jose Valverde- 1 year 1.5 million with 500k in incentives. Not much of a market for the 35 year old, had a decent ERA but a xFIP over 5. Saw a decline in K's and BB's, if he can even get close to his career k/9 of 10, he should be a great get. Not sure if he can, though.

Kyle Farnsworth, 1 year 1.5 million with 500k in incentives. Same case as Valverde, decent ERA with higher xFIP although not as high(4.27). Opposite of Valverde in K and BB, though, as his BB rate climbed close to 5 and his K rate stayed very good(8.33). Missed alot of ttime in 12, but assuming hes healthy could be a great buy low.

Fransisco Rodriguez, 1 year 3 million with 4 mill team option(1 mill buyout). Had an alright season in terms of ERA(4.38) but had strong peripherals to support he should have had a much better year. not only did his LOB % lower by 10% relative to his career stats, his HR/FB rose 4 percent. Had 9 K/9 and 3.9 BB/9. Former elite closer, only 30 so still has time to revert back to his old ways. Only problem I see is if price is good enough and off field issues.

Manny Parra, Rafael Perez, and Jonathon Sanchez- All would fite nicely in the LOOGY role and for cheap.

Aaron Cook, Chris Young, Kevin Millwood, and Freddy Garcia- Wouldn't mind any of these competing for the Longman role in ST on minor league deals.

Trade Market:

Sergio Santos, TOR- Due 2.75 million this year, missed almost all of 2012 with an injury but is said to be 100% probable to be ready by Opening Day. Blue Jays have aton of right handed relievers and are probably looking to cut back on some cap. I offer them Duke Welker and Rosenberg. Santos would be around for 2 seasons at 6.5 million with another potential 3 seasons in team options equalling a total 22.75. Had a monster season for White Sox in 2011, going 30 for 36 in SV while having a meager 1.105 WHIP and great 13 K/9. Assuming he's healthy, great pickup for bucs.

Steve Chisek, MIA- only 26, under control for 6 seasons. Doesn't become arb. eligible till 2015. Has been very effective past two seasons, compiling a combined 2.66 ERA with over 9 K/9 and a GB north of 50%. BB/9 have been right around 3.5. Has some closing experience. So why would Miami trade him? Because hes a reliever, and closers on bad teams generally dont hold much value. I'd offer them something along the lines of Presley, Morris, and Dodson.

Matt Belisle, COL- Worth almost 6 WAR the past 3 seasons, double Hanrahans. Due 4.1 million next year with a mutual option of 4.25. Very durable, pitched in at least 72 innings last three seasons. Colorado has Bentancourt and Wilton Lopez, but they need better depth. Hughes and Jones for Besisle and Colvin?

Frank Fransisco, NYM- 5.53 ERA, due 6.5 mill next year, 33 years old, pretty exciting, eh? Seriously though, he did have strong peripherals and has closing experience. a 3.90 FIP and 4.10 xFIP as well as 10 K/9. His velocity was right around his career average. Obiously the Mets would have to take on some salary, and the Pirates wouldnt give up much more than the guy he'd replace on the 40 man.

Wesley Wright, HOU- Overall he had aline of 3.27 ERA with a 9.29 K/9 in 52 IP. He also induced a great number of groundballs at 55%, which will tend to give you a strong xFIP and FIP of 3.34 and 3.30 respectively. When facing just lefties, he was even tougher. In 32.2 IP against lefties, he had an ERA of 1.65 with 39 K's and 9 BB's with a BAA of .197. This compared to an ERA of 5.94 against righties. So if he pitched against straight lefties the whole season he could definitely be worth the Andrew Lambo and Jarek Cuningham we'd give them. Oh yea, he's arb. elgible this year and won't be a FA till 2016.

My Favorite combination would be:

CL- Grilli

SU- Chisek

SU- Melancon

MR- Wright

MR- Watson

MR- Hughes

LR- Young

Whats yours?

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