The Best Reactions of the "Anti" Crowd

Below is an assortment of the best, most illogical and idiotic comments I could find this morning on the Andrew McCutchen extension. I had planned on not posting this for a few days but was surprised by how many know-it-alls' came out to voice their opinions so quickly. Some of these are not exactly spinning things but they do garner a chuckle or a sigh for stupidity. I am sure there will be many more comments in the next few days that make us cringe at their stupidity but, for now, these are the best of the morning. Please enjoy and a very special thanks to the residents of Smizikstan for the material.

"Please show me the contract from the past that this group has actually paid out on when the real money was due...I have zero faith that this deal will keep Cutch here throughout its duration. Key word there is "club option" and that's the $14.75 million year."

"if anyone actually thinks McCutchen will be here 6 years from now. Ive got a bridge to sell you...Real cheap. he'll be here maybe 2 more and then he'll be trade for PROSPECTS..(that always works out HA). It's just like the contract McClouth and Bay signed..Once the pirates pay him the first couple years of lower salary he'll be gone. He would of made more per year if he waited til arbitration. YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE"

"2018? I am willing to be he will be traded for "prospects" as early as this summer... if not, maybe 2013."

"How quickly you all seem to have forgotten about Nate McClouth and his new contract and the declaration by the Front office of calling him "the core" shortly before shipping him out of Pgh."

"They are spending more on Cutch over the next few years, but they will cut elsewhere. History has shown this to be a fact."

"BTW. Thank god for that GM everyone likes to kick around.... you know, the incompetent boob, David Littlefield. If it wasn't for him, there would be no talent on this team."

"...we need to be skeptical until Bob Nutting raises the overall payroll past the MLB Mendoza line."

"The recent history (ca Bob Nutting's exit from the closet) is trading his newly signed "core" players as soon as they find a baseball trade they can't pass up."

"its nice that they resigned their best player, but to say that this team is "serious" is an insult to all things serious"

"This reeks of the Mclouth deal... Just because Nuttings hand is behind it."

"Not sure applause in in order for such an act. Does anyone applaud their 6 year old for walking across the floor when most kids learn that skill much, much earlier?"

"... do you believe the Pirates will ever pay anyone $14.75 million a year? Maybe in like 2050 when inflation has made minimum wage $100 an hour and $14.75 million is the league minimum."

"...history tells us they [the Yankees] will be picking up the contract right around the All Star break in 2014 for a couple of low minors middle infielders..."

"...and thanks to Dave Littlefield...who drafted him."

"Being that we are going into yr 20 of sub .500 & countless trade robberies & FO gaffs, that the fans of the Buccos have such LOW/NO expectations that people are jumping in the street for GOOD BASEBALL PRACTICE."

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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