Statistics: Available, accessible or required

This is something I've been thinking about writing to find out what this community thinks of these issues in general. In recent times, we've been bombarded by a plethora of advanced statistics, and it's safe to say most of us understand only a small portion of it. That's still fine though, since the marginal benefit of being able to understand the nitty gritties of SIERA over FIP/xFIP may not be worth it, for back-of-the-envelope calculations. However, there have been times when I did want to look at SIERA, and I realized I didn't know where to find it. Of course, a web search solved that, and I realized that Fangraphs carries this information in the batted ball data portion-- I'd never had reason or occasion to scroll down there before, or I'd just not paid attention.

Nonetheless, this got me to thinking about whether there were other, potentially useful statistics that lay hidden where we never saw it, or whether there were things people would like to see that they never saw.

One of my gripes in the latter case is that I'd like to see WAR for pitchers based off of ERA. I understand the reason for using a defense-independent statistic for this, since we'd like to be able to understand value provided by the pitcher in isolation from his defense. Nonetheless, as a retrospective tool, I'd also like to see WAR based off ERA, since the measurement of defensive value is so shaky at present. I'd also like to know if using that correlates better to team win totals. In today's age, I wouldn't be at all surprised if such a study has already been done, and I'm simply unaware of it.

Finally, with respect to minor league stats, are there things that are currently not easily accessible, that any of you would like to see. To me, splits is a major issue, and since went offline, I don't know where to look for these anymore.

In general, feel free to post any interesting links to statistical information that may be under the radar currently, whether or not I covered or thought of it in my post above. In general, I wanted to know people's thoughts on:

[ A ] Major League stats -- are there things you'd like to see that aren't apparently available? (WAR off of ERA, in my case).... are there things you found not available on fangraphs/BBref that might be of interest?

[ B ] Minor leagues -- splits information? Other interesting statistics to track?

[ C ] Anything else that you'd like to share...

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