Rockies Vs. Pirates, 24 April 2012

April 12, 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer (50) delivers a pitch during the first inning against the San Francisco Giants at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIREo

Yamaico Navarro gets a start tonight as Kevin Correia and the Pirates take on 82-year-old Jamie Moyer and the Rockies at 7:05. The Pens' season is now over, and the Bucs are facing a pitcher who's older than dirt and throws 78-MPH fastballs. The Pirates don't necessarily have to win, but if their offense can't do something about Moyer, I'd expect the level of unflattering discussion about it to increase a few decibels.

Anyway, I like the idea of getting Navarro out there as a way of getting the offense going somehow. He should probably be playing more in general, so the Bucs know what they have in case they eventually need to phase Clint Barmes out of the starting lineup.

(UPDATE: To be clear, as you can see below, Navarro isn't replacing Barmes in the lineup, he's replacing Pedro Alvarez. You can make the point, as one person in the comments did, that if Alvarez can't face Jamie Moyer, it's unclear what kind of lefty the Pirates think he can do anything at all against. Of course, you can also argue that if any player needs this kind of extreme babying, it's Alvarez.)

Be sure to check out yesterday's podcast, which has a long Rockies segment.


Marco Scutaro 2B
Dexter Fowler CF
Carlos Gonzalez LF
Troy Tulowitzki SS
Todd Helton 1B
Michael Cuddyer RF
Ramon Hernandez C
Chris Nelson 3B
Jamie Moyer AARP


Alex Presley LF
Jose Tabata RF
Andrew McCutchen CF
Casey McGehee 1B
Neil Walker 2B
Yamaico Navarro 3B
Rod Barajas C
Clint Barmes SS
Kevin Correia P

A couple notes after the jump:

-P- Jarek Cunningham is injured again. This time it's his left wrist.

-P- I just got an email about this. It's about Andrew McCutchen's hair, but whether you're interested in that or not, I don't think I've had many opportunities to see McCutchen acting this casual, so that's kind of cool.

-P- The Pirates will expand their roster to 26 for the doubleheader tomorrow, as they're permitted to do under the new CBA. I imagine it will be Danny Moskos -- a reliever makes sense, and Clint Hurdle has recently made noise about wanting a second lefty.

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